YouTube Tools To Easily Optimize Your Videos And Enhance Your Reach

We are struggling and making the effort to get the views and subscribers, trying new content, spending lots of money to get the pictures but still not getting them.

Here are few fantastic tools by which one can boost their channel:

1. Thumbnail maker

After your content, a thumbnail is the first thing people see even before watching your video. So Don’t Worry! Many Graphic Designers are there to help you, and you can find the best for you. Select a catchy thumbnail through these sites Canva, Adobe Spark.

2. Youtube SEO Checklist

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It includes video titles, descriptions, playlists, tags, etc. It gives you a score on how better you perform to optimize your video. According to 4Hub SEO tools play an important role in promoting your page.

3. TubeBuddy

This tool suggests you add relevant keywords, titles, and phrases. It provides optimization, categorization, and management of videos. It also tells you about your competitors, which have higher ranking to improve your ways and set their styles as a reference.

4. Video Subtitles

This tool will help you to make the transcript of your videos. You just need to upload your link, and the whole transcript is on your screen. It helps find your video from the search engine, which reads the subtitles and gives a suggestion of your video to the audience.

5. Video Editing

You should use the video editing app as it attracts the audience to see your creativity, plus the video becomes interesting, which encourages people to share the video with their family, friends, and relatives. Camtasia is a video editing tool that you can use, and it makes your videos more professional. If you’re shooting from your phone, it will help increase the quality of your video.

6. Google Trends

You can use this tool to see what’s trending now; you may utilize it to make your content. It also shows some suggestions and relevant searches which gives you related information. Going along with a trend is always an effective way to increase the traffic on your channel. People are keen to know what’s trending and always want to know what’s happening worldwide; thus, by satisfying their demands, you can get millions of viewers and audiences to your channel.


Sometimes, you might be out of content, so comments are the best ways to pick a range and make a good video on it. This is an excellent way to interact with your viewers and audience.

YouTube is a globally favorite video sharing and social media platform, having users of all ages and theories. In today’s jet age, every second person in their youth has a YouTube channel. Well, why won’t they? You can earn considerably good pocket money while uploading videos at no or negligible cost. It gives an individual a creative outlet to reach out to a broader audience while establishing a personal connection with its viewers.

It is effortless to start a YouTube channel and upload content. Using the right tools to optimize your videos and direct traffic to your channel is the key to becoming a successful YouTuber and earning a generous amount of revenue. But, why do you optimize your videos? It’s not a hidden fact that YouTube as a platform is extremely popular and has nearly 2.3 billion users, with 31 million YouTubers worldwide. With almost 720,000 hours of videos uploaded every day to Youtube, a content creator must employ these tools to stand out and attract viewers and subscribers.

Here are few remarkable tools that will help you to optimize your videos quickly and enhance your reach :


Tags For YouTube

The Chrome Extension, Tags For YouTube is designed to make tags invisible manually, giving you an edge over your competitor. Tags are a significant part of the optimization process. It assists in categorizing videos and gives YouTube an algorithm to understand better.

Once installed, this extension will enable you to remove tags from my view. You can use ‘Show More’ to see all tags for any video.


This tool is a master weapon, and it is a must-have for all the YouTubers out there who want to beat the competition and rise above them all.

It can help you by :

  1. Testing titles till auto-publishing
  2. It can be converted into a Chrome Extension

This tool is an all-in-one package that every YouTuber desires.

In this segment, I specifically want to talk to you about its golden feature: Tag Explorer.

TubeBuddy will help you to see :

  • The same tags your competitors are using.

Its quality, Competitor Scorecard, will guide you on how to increase your views, viewers, subscribers, uploads, and engagement.

How amazing is that?


This tool helps you to improve and guides you on what content to post. How it exactly does that is by telling you the rank of your videos. Yes, that’s it. You can assess and analyze how your videos are doing and which ones are popular to produce more such content.

YTRank is

  • completely free,
  • user friendly,
  • easy to operate and
  • gives you helpful feedback on your content.


This tool helps increase one’s reach and rank. It allows you to find the best suitable keywords for your content based on YouTube search trends.

It can also identify tags like TubeBuddy and track your performances across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

YouTube Analytics

This tool is right at home on YouTube, you can use this by opening your dashboard, and you can find some basic analytics like views, subscribers, and estimated revenue. You can also find audience retention, demographics, and traffic sources here.

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