The Ultimate Listicle of 7 Things People Shouldn’t Forget When Making An Explainer Video

Explainer videos are one of the most important self-help kinds of videos on the internet. Anything one wants to find out, it is merely a simple google click away or perhaps, an explainer video away. It shows how much people on the internet learn and grow with businesses with simple explainer videos.

Explainer videos basically are simple, small videos that help people in understanding a product, a service, or a concept without going overboard with plenty of information all at once. Explainer videos are one of the easiest and most relatable tools used by marketers to make their points and communicate across the platform with regards to products and solutions.

When it comes to explainer videos, marketers can make simple mistakes by including too much information, too much audio, or overloading with too many visual effects. Unlike other videos, there is a simple hack to creating explainer videos by simply sticking to the rules and making them as plain and informative as possible.

Below are seven of the most important tips shared by marketers and experts to make an explainer video and help communicate effectively through them:

1. Keeping it Super Simple

One of the most important things that newbies and video creators must keep in mind is to always keep the content and the message as short and simple as possible. It can become quite enticing and it’s easy to get lost while trying to convey too much information in one go but that would just defeat the purpose of making an explainer video. Most commonly, people understood and grasped concepts much better when the videos were short and precise than when the videos were longer and full of information.

2. Focus on the Problem

However, as much as one would like to present and talk about their own product, it is necessary to always start with the problem the marketer would like to bridge a gap to or solve and then offer the product or the concept as a solution to it. This kind of approach works best as the audience can relate to the product or the service much better when it is related to a problem.

3. Providing a Crisp Solution

One of the most important things is to never confuse the audience and be very crisp and concise with the ideal presentation. Present the product or the solution in a crisp and precise manner and never be unclear or indicative about it.

4. Video and Audio

Audio and video are two key things when it comes to explainer videos but the overuse of these elements can ruin the show. Be sure to keep the music to a minimum but involve catchy tunes and visuals that can be easily registered by the customer in their minds. Too many visuals and too much music or audio overlay can spoil the video and confuse the audience

5. A Clear Script

Every video must have a clear script comprising of the introduction, statement of the problem, presentation of the solution, benefits or features of the product, and the next action suggested to the audience.

6. Keeping it Short

Keep the video as short and crisp as possible. Studies have suggested shorter videos tend to deliver better and register more clearly in the minds of the customer.

7. Medium of Launch

Choose a good medium or tool to launch the video as it can make a world of difference for the product.

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