3 Best Easy Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Instagram has been people’s favorite social media network for a long time simply because it is a user-friendly platform with a colorful vibe. But with a huge user base and helpful features, it is now marketers’ favorite as well.

It is part of their marketing strategy as they look out to extract maximum benefit from the platform. And to achieve this feat, they have come up with an excellent strategy of embedding the Instagram widget on their websites. It not only enhances the website’s visuals but also helps to attain sales.

The Easiest Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Here are the 3 easiest ways to embed an Instagram widget on your website:

1. Amazing Instagram’s Embedding Feature

Being a helpful platform, Instagram itself provides a simple and easy method to embed its posts and content on the website. You just need to follow simple steps to have an attractive and lively website.

To begin the embed process; choose the content or the post that you want to display on your website. After selecting the post, generate the embed code and copy the code on your clipboard. Next, paste the code on your website’s backend. And now you will be able to see that post on your website.

The process is simple and effective, but unfortunately, it has some limitations. Firstly, you can only embed one post at a time. Secondly, it is a time-taking process, and most importantly, you have to manually embed the feed to the website. Moreover, you don’t have the option to customize or design the widget according to your desired style.

2. WordPress Plugins

WordPress is the most powerful and widely used website-building platform. It powers around 40% of all websites globally. One of the main reasons for the popularity of WordPress is its care for its user, as it provides various plugins. These plugins help users to add features and functionality on their website.

If WordPress powers your website, you can use WordPress plugins that help you to integrate your website and Instagram and eases your embedding task.

Many plugins provide personalized Instagram widgets where you can customize them according to your requirements. For example, you can change the font style, size, widget themes and more. It helps in making the widget more appealing to visitors.

WordPress provides various plugins that help you to embed Instagram widget on the website. Tagembed’s Social Media Feed is one such plugin; it provides amazing features and that too in budget prices. You can easily install them from the WordPress plugin store and help you to make your website vibrant and lively.

3. Social Media Aggregator Tools

Social media aggregator tools help users collect, curate, and customize social media feeds from various social media platforms and then combine them as one unified presentation. Moreover, it also helps you to display this presentation on the website.

Businesses are often fearful of displaying images and videos on their website as it reduces the speed of their website and spoils the browsing experience of visitors. These tools are the perfect solution for them, as they load and stream images and video without affecting the website’s speed.

Moreover, these tools provide responsive widgets that adjust automatically with the screen type and reduce your trouble of changing the widget settings as per the devices. Also, these tools often provide an auto-update feature which is very helpful. For instance, you are embedding the feed using a particular hashtag, then with the auto-update feature as soon as any content is posted using that hashtag, the post will be displayed on your website. Thus, you don’t have to worry about manually refreshing the feed.

These tools are very helpful as they ease your task and provide a smooth way to embed social media feeds on the website. One of the popular social media aggregators in the market is Tagembed. The tool is easy to use and provides great returns.

Easy, isn’t it?

Now you must be wondering – How embedding helps your website, right?

As mentioned earlier, this strategy has various benefits that can help your business grow. We have mentioned a few of its major advantages below.

Why Should You Embed an Instagram Feed on a Website?

1. Makes your website vibrant

Instagram is a hub of visual-based content, and one of the primary characteristics of visual-based content is that it is vibrant. And by embedding Instagram feeds on your website, you can bring that vibrancy to your website. Now you must be thinking, what advantage does it provide? People usually prefer visiting a colourful and vibrant website as it creates a good impression. And a positive impression always leads to positive results.

2. Increases website traffic

As mentioned, people prefer visiting vibrant websites, and when you turn your website vibrant and lively, you attract more visitors. It helps in many ways, as more visitors means more chance of gathering customers, and at the same time, better website traffic helps your website get a better position on search engine rankings.

3. Amplifies sales

People often use Instagram to post their pictures with the product and provide feedback or reviews on the products or brands. By displaying them on the website, you can win customers as these feeds act as social proof. People often look for social proofs and reviews before making any purchase and hence, by providing them on your website, you can convert your visitors into your customers.

Summing It Up

Embedding the Instagram widget is easy, beneficial, and profitable. And with budget-friendly tools providing ease with various other features, this strategy is worth adopting. Many businesses have successfully turned their fortune with these tactics and now stand tall as established brands. Because, as you gather more crowd, there will be more chances of sales which helps your business grow. So go ahead, embed feeds, and take your business to the next level.

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