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Right now, demand for software developers is at a fever pitch, with a job outlook that’s growing at a rate of 22% per annum. That’s much faster than other professions, and there’s a good reason for that.

Not only are technology and digital initiatives growing at a rate second to none, but businesses are embracing the benefits of remote work more than ever.

So, if you want to move with the times, you should consider getting an IT expert on board as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn how to hire developers that can help you grow and modernize your business.

Decide Between a Remote or On-Site Developer

Most developers prefer the freelance lifestyle. That’s because they can serve multiple clients, avoid formal attire, make their own hours, and work relatively undisturbed.

So, if you can find someone prepared to submit to the nine-to-five, they’re likely to command a high salary.

Apart from affordability, there are numerous reasons to opt for a remote developer over an in-house person. These are:

Geographical Limitations

If you live outside a tech hub, you may struggle to find someone suitably qualified to suit your needs.

When you go the remote route, you’ve got more options, since offsite workers aren’t bound by any location. You can even hire PHP developers from another country if they suit your needs and budget.

Extra Savings

In-house employees come with a lot of extra expenses. You must pay for their office space, equipment, amenities, and more. What’s more, these professionals need paid leave and benefits that ultimately come out of your budget.

Remote workers already have everything they need in place and will include any extras like internet connectivity in their rates.

If they have more than one client, they split their running costs across all these clients. This works out a lot cheaper than paying for everything yourself.

Retention and Reliability

In a high-demand profession like software development, it’s difficult to retain in-house staff. There’s a high likelihood these experienced professionals will attract a better offer before too long.

A remote developer can take on as many clients as they have time for, or subcontract some of their work out to junior freelancers. You’ll experience a much lower staff turnover when you hire remote computer programmers.

How to Find and Hire Developers For Your Business

Whether you’re hiring in-house or remote IT personnel, there are a few important factors to consider. These are:

Specific Technical Knowledge and Skills

The most important thing to consider is hiring someone who suits your business needs. There are quite a few skill sets available in the realm of developers.

Web developers specialize in website building and website maintenance. Digital developers create and test your website and interface layout, navigation, and functions.

Software developers engage in computer programming, code analysis, and database optimization.

Most developers have a Bachelor’s degree, but they can also achieve specialist qualifications. The more qualified and experienced a developer is, the more you’ll pay for their services.

When you advertise your job, don’t publish a laundry list of expectations. Most developers will breeze past these ads since they’d rather focus fully on one thing they’re good at.

Rather consider which IT aspects are most important to you and focus on hiring one or more individuals to serve those specific needs.

Consider Attitude and Aptitude

When hiring a remote worker, it’s tempting to deal with your prospective employees via email rather than in person. It’s best to meet with them in person, although a video interview can also reveal a few important things about each candidate.

When you talk to someone, you can tell if they’re passionate about what they do. When questioned, they should articulate why they chose their field, what they most enjoy about it, and why they’re excited to work with you.

You can ask them about their most challenging projects and how they overcame them. This helps you discover how they cope under pressure and gauge their overall attitude toward difficult situations.

Talking to someone face to face is the best way to find out if they’re a good fit for your company culture and work processes.

If you can’t decide between two candidates based on proficiency or qualifications, go with your gut based on their responses in this interview. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with, it’s the best way to ensure a long, prosperous relationship.

Another way to figure out their commitment to their career as a developer is by asking about extra qualifications. Someone’s who is passionate about their field should have racked up a host of extra courses and additional qualifications.

It’s easy to do these online nowadays and some courses are free, so anyone who is truly interested can easily increase their knowledge and stay up to date with the latest advancements.

Look at Networking and Connections

When hiring a developer, look to your network. It’s one of the best ways to find reliable help when you need it.

A good reference from a fellow business owner or friend goes a long way toward finding someone who meets your expectations.

Developers who take their career seriously, know that networking is a vital part of staying in touch, finding clients, and excelling in their field. So, you can also ask about this vital aspect during your interview or do some background research of your own.

Take a look at websites like LinkedIn to see if they’ve contributed any articles or interacted with other professionals on relevant topics.

Start Your Journey Today

Getting the best personnel on board is a vital part of moving your company forward in modern times. Nowadays, placing an ad in the newspaper, and waiting for the right person to come along, isn’t enough.

If you want to hire developers that can bring something extra to the table, you need to find them. Rather, begin your search on niche job boards and freelancer sites, or hire an expert technical personnel consultant to assist you.

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