7 Ways To Prepare For Your Next Yacht Vacation

Here you are, finally having free time to plan and daydream about your next ocean visit. You can’t wait to get out there and have a work-free mindset, no checklists to accomplish, and no meetings to attend to. You’re all giddy and your plans are swarming all over your head out of excitement. And then, all of a sudden, just like a blink of an eye, you feel overwhelmed. You start stressing about what, where, and how you get to make the most out of this long-awaited vacation.

Calm down, breathe in, and let your thoughts slow down. In this article, we’ll help each other eliminate that rigorous feeling that ruins your vacation thrill and anticipation. Here are some of the helpful tips on how you get to charge that 100% zen vacation mode.

1. Inform the parties concerned regarding your planned vacation

Now, before anything else, the first thing you should do is to inform the people who will be covering for you when you’re on vacation, as well as the people who will be assisting you during vacation. Regardless if you’re just yet to finalize your plans, give your boss, employees, or colleague a heads-up. After all, they are the ones who will be filling in your gap for a definite time.

If you are part of shared yacht ownership, informing your co-owners and yacht manager at least a year or months before your desired trip is a must. It would save you a great deal of time for communicating with the other owners and to ensure your yacht slot and availability for your planned vacation date.

2. Work on your yacht game plan

There may not be a perfect vacation but there certainly is a best one. To have the best trip, preparation is a must. Seal the date of your yacht usage and start mapping out the route of your yacht trip. Do you plan to travel within the same area that you’ve coursed before, or are you planning an overseas trip? If you’re eyeing to visit a different country and plan to bring your yacht with you, coordinate with your manager about this.

In fractional yacht ownership, your manager would assist you with the paperwork and other requisites should you decide to bring your yacht to another location. Also, it’s customary in yacht syndication for all owners to be properly informed about the yacht’s route transit.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a yacht rental, the first thing to do is to understand their terms and conditions. Acquaint yourself with the regulations, to know if you can execute your plans in accordance with the property’s guidelines, as well as if you could travel with the yacht to certain locations.

3. Decide if you want company or not

Depending on your personality or ideal vacation, you might want to be surrounded by a company or go on a one-man journey. If you’re planning to spend a holiday with your family and loved ones, informing them beforehand should be done. Just like you, they have to plan out their schedule and responsibilities to be left behind.

If you need a captain or crew member to assist you, inform your yacht manager so they can schedule you beforehand, and instruct them about your sea trip plans. It’s nice to make the most out of your perks as an owner of fractional yacht ownership, isn’t it?

If your goal for this upcoming vacation is to test yourself, and see how you’ll be able to manage an entire yacht trip all on your own, who’s to stop you? After all, we all need some time away from the world and wander on our own feet.

4. Arrange advance payments and bookings if there are any

Now that you’ve sealed the deal with your yacht slot and planned your route course, it’s time to work on the fees. If you’re most likely to have 90% of your vacation on the yacht and have no plans of sightseeing in specific areas, you still have to prepare for advance payments. This would include your gas fuel fee for refills. You wouldn’t want to have unnecessary stops at an unknown place because you accidentally ran out of gas. Also, trying out some delicacies from port stopovers won’t hurt!

This point is leaning more towards those who’d plan to book hotels or lounge accommodations during their yacht travel. If you’re one of those, make sure you research the hotel or resort that you’re eyeing to gauge if it fits your allotted budget. You wouldn’t want to come unprepared in a place and negotiate with people to accommodate you instantly. Inquiring about a certain area’s yacht berth fee in advance is also a must since most berths and ports require advance payments and reservations.

5. Reload your yacht with your essentials

We all are aiming for a comfortable, homey, and seamless vacation. As you’re nearing your getaway, it’s time to buy, pack, and load all of your travel needs. First, prioritize the things you need for survival. The word survival may seem daunting, but after all, you are going on a sea trip. Safety and preparation should never be overlooked. Bring enough stocks for your water, food, first-aid kit (including seasickness pills, you’ll never know), and extra yacht fuel.

Internet and mobile gadgets are a must for communication in case of emergencies as well as for on-the-go assistance. Having flashlights, lamps, fire extinguishers, life jackets and preservers, ropes, emergency signal flares, a megaphone, and a knife are all essential for a yacht trip. Sunscreen and mosquito repellant should not be forgotten. Protecting your skin is important!

After securing the mentioned essentials, it’s time to make it homier! Bring anything that complements your leisure wants. It may be a scented purifier, well-loved book, fishing rod, vacation clothes and swimwear, and whatever it is that you want.

6. Pay your dues in advance

Now that you’ve prepared and finalized everything for your yacht, don’t forget to attend and complete your bills for the upcoming time that you won’t be around. Pay your credit card bills, electricity and water, and subscriptions in advance. This will save you from that “oh, I forgot about my” thoughts. And, it will also save you from unnecessary interest fees and unattended abrupt calls.

7. Lastly, enjoy the anticipation

There you have it, you’re all set and ready to go! Once you’ve completed and checked all of the mentioned points, all there’s left for you to do is anticipate. And enjoy it. One of the most exciting things about a vacation is the time you spend looking forward to it. And we all would want it in a way where you’re confident that you’ve done your part and you’d get to enjoy it when it comes.

What are the things you do in preparation for your yacht trip? Do you find yourself stressing over one of these tips? Share your thoughts and helpful ideas if there are any, in the comments below!

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