5 Amazing Things to Do in New York

New York is fondly called the “Empire State,” and that it is indeed. There are so many fascinating places to feast your eyes upon and not just in New York City. The entire state includes 62 counties and is a great place for packing up the family and friends and heading out on a fun adventure. Our travel pros have put together their favorite and amazing things to do in New York. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Innisfree Gardens

There is nothing more lovely than walking through a fragrant, beautiful garden that visually transports you to another time and place. Innisfree Gardens in Millbrook located in Dutchess County is one such charming place to visit and open to the public.

Innisfree Gardens has often been called one of the most stunning gardens in the world. It sits on 200-acres in upstate New York, and its elegant landscape was inspired by Asian designs.

2. Village of Morristown

This is another gem found in St. Lawrence County situated on the St. Lawrence River. The town was settled in 1804-1808. The northern NY Village of Morristown has some wonderful architecture sprinkled throughout the community, including old stone buildings such as a windmill.

New York has the fastest-growing Amish population and a strong community of Amish living in Morristown. It is not unusual to see an Amish buggy traveling on the streets there.

3. Cranberry Lake

When it comes to scenic beauty and recreational fun, camping in New York state parks is quite exceptional. Cranberry Lake is just one of these must-see spots. The campground, located at Lone Pine Road, features a charming sandy beach and a grassy picnic area nearby complete with picnic tables and hibachis. There’s a large campsite that’s convenient for hand-launching your canoe and a fishing pier to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

The Empire State boasts a number of amazing state park camping grounds. Some of the others include Beaver Pond State Park, Bear Spring Mountain, Alger Island, and Allegany State Park to mention a few.

In NY state, park campgrounds are open from May 15 to Columbus Day 2021.

By the way, you will earn 10 points for every dollar that you spend on overnight accommodations at all New York State Parks Campgrounds when you enroll in the state’s Loyalty/Reward Program.

4. Gorge Trail

If you’re dreaming of jaw-dropping waterfalls, then it’s time to take a hike on the 1.5 mile Gorge Trail at Watkins Glen State Park. This will be a memorable adventure as you visit 19 impressive waterfalls plunging through the ravine along your journey. Talk about the photo ops!

The gorge is located in the village of Watkins Glen, south of Seneca Lake in Schuyler County in New York’s Finger Lakes region. It is such a crown jewel for the area that more than 1 million visit the Gorge Trail annually.

The major waterfall at the top is called Rainbow Falls, and it is quite the stunning highlight of the hike.

5. Roosevelt Island Tramway

If you’re headed to New York City, we don’t have to tell you that there are tons of awesome things to see and do, but there is one very unique trip to take. Head to 59th Street and Second Avenue right in the heart of bustling Manhattan, and you will find the most modern aerial tramway worldwide.

It is called the Roosevelt Island Tramway, and it runs every 7-15 minutes as it takes you over the city to Roosevelt Island. It is such a cool experience with breathtaking views including five spacious parks, six historic landmarks dating from 1796, and more.

It’s a 4-minute ride that glides along at around 16 miles per hour and travels 3,100 feet. At its peak, the adorable red tram climbs to 250 feet above the East River.

You could never get bored traveling through New York State, and you have many options for adventure. Whether it’s an urban experience you’re looking for in New York City or a quieter pace and more rustic background found upstate, the Empire State shines like a jewel on the East Coast of the United States.

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