5 Reasons To Adopt Remote Proctoring When Administering Exams

Many educational institutions are looking to incorporate innovative technologies that proved helpful during the pandemic. The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly impacted many sectors, and education is no exception. Exam delivery and proctoring has been revisited significantly in the last few years with the use of digital technologies to streamline processes.

If you are thinking of adopting digital technologies to improve exam proctoring, here are the reasons for adopting remote proctoring for administering examinations.

1. Efficient

Despite making students vigilant and careful during assessments, physical proctors are not as highly efficient as one may expect. A proctor could be monitoring anywhere from 20 to over 100 students per session. It is simply impossible for a proctor to catch students looking at each other or even cheating when their numbers are many.

On the other hand, remote proctoring uses a student’s webcam and AI. Artificial intelligence does not just monitor the student’s webcam, but also their activity on their device. It can ensure that your students are not moving away from the assessment browser or the webcam frame.

2. Cost Saving Solution

Hiring individuals to physically proctor every assessment and examination that your students take can be pretty expensive. The educators proctoring the exam will require overtime payments or something similar.

When using remote proctoring services, you do not need to worry about the cost, as it is an affordable service most of the time. The technical support you will need for remote proctoring is usually provided by the platform you are using, so if any of your students face a problem, it will be fixed in a matter of minutes.

3. No Need for Preparation

With many remote proctoring solutions available today, you will be relieved to know that most of them do not require a complete setup. You can prepare students ahead of time by onboarding them with tools they can use.

Remote proctoring platforms also offer end-to-end services when you decide to use them. They will ensure that the onboarding process is a breeze for your institution and students.

4. Functional Aspect

As time goes on, many institutions need to know about new technologies. The educational sector has traditionally been resistant to change. But due to the pandemic, many were forced to adopt new methods that proved beneficial.

Remote proctoring is a solution that enables efficiency and functionality for any assessment or examination. You can run your examination schedule at a time that suits you and your students without any concern about logistical support.

5. Scalability Option

Arranging proctors at short notice is not just expensive but highly challenging too. When you notice a drastic increase in the number of individuals undertaking an exam, you might become worried about handling the extra load.

Many organizations are adopting remote proctoring today because it enables them to increase or decrease their scalability according to their needs. Institutions do not need to worry about handling the increased demand, as the platform will automatically accommodate it.

Many remote proctoring solutions work through cloud services, enabling them to reach any corner of the world (as long as there is a good internet facility). It ensures that all your students can take their assessment regardless of where they are without facing any hurdles.

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