What Are the Most Interesting Facts Which the Kids Should Know About Circles?

The circle is considered to be the special kind of ellipse in which the eccentricity will always be equal to 0 and the focus will always be coincident. The circle is also known as the locus of points drawn equidistant from the center and the distance from the center to the circle is known as radius. Diameter is the line that will help in dividing the circle into 2 equal parts and it will also be twice the radius. The circles are a very basic two-dimensional shape that has been perfectly measured in terms of reduction and it will be very much capable of dividing the plane into two regions for example the interior and exterior region. This will be very much similar to the line segment and this is considered to be the two-dimensional figure which will also have an area as well as the perimeter. The perimeter of the circle is also known as the circumference and on a general basis, it will be considered as the distance around the circle. The area of the circle is the region bounded by it into the two-dimensional plane.

A circle is a two-dimensional closed figure in which every set of points will be equidistant from the given point which is known as a center and every line passing through the center will help in forming the reflection of symmetry. It is also well known to have rotational symmetry around the center of every angle. The circles formula into the plane has been explained as follows:

X – H whole square + Y – K whole square = radius Square

In this particular system, X and Y will be the coordinate points and H and K will be the coordinate of the center of the circle.

Normally people witness several kinds of circle-shaped objects for example buttons, dartboards, hula hoops, wheels, coins, bangles and several other kinds of things into day to day life which will justify the presence of circles in normal human life.

Following are some of the basic parts of the circle about which people should have a clear-cut idea:

  • Annulus: This is the best possible region that has been bounded by two circles and will be also known as the ring-shaped object.
  • Arc: This is the connected curve of the circle
  • Sector: This is the reason which has been bonded by radius as well as the arc of the circle
  • Segment: This is the region that has been bounded by the chord as well as the line between the chord and points. It is also very much important to be noted that segment will never contain the Centre
  • Centre: This is considered to be the midpoint of the circle
  • Chord: This is considered to be the line segment whose endpoints will lie on the circle
  • Diameter: This will be the line segment that will be having both the endpoints on the circle and this is also known as the largest code of the circle
  • Radius: This will be the best possible line segment that will be connecting the centre of the circle to any point of the circle itself
  • Tangent: This is considered to be the coplanar straight line that will be touching the circle at a single point

The line segment which connects the centre of the circle to any point is known as the radius of the circle and has been perfectly represented by the alphabet R. On the other hand, a line segment that has both the endpoints of the circle and will be twice the length of the radius is known as the diameter of the circle. The formula for the diameter of a circle will be:

R = D/2

It is also very much important for the people to be clear about basic formulations of the circle for example area and circumference. The formula for the circumference has been explained as:

Two into the value of pi into the radius

On the other hand, the area formula has been explained as:

Value of pi into R square

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