How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special

A child’s birthday is one of the most exciting days of the year for them and for their parents. Every year is a milestone that marks their progress and development from the year before and brings back magical memories of the first time you held them in your arms. There is so much magic attached to the day already that it is usually not necessary to splash lots of cash on a big party and gifts. There are plenty of simple ways to make your child’s birthday stand out and ensure they feel loved. If you are looking for ways to make your child’s next birthday extra special for them, read on.

Plan a morning surprise

Any parent knows that their child will be full of energy and excitement from the moment they open their eyes on the morning of their birthday. Why not make the most of that by surprising them with something? You could fill the floor with balloons quietly during the night, hang banners up, leave a present at the foot of their bed, wake them up by singing Happy Birthday or present them with their favorite breakfast (or whatever food makes them smile) in bed.

Let them choose their outfit

Kids make some unusual choices if left to choose their own clothes, but why not let them wear their dinosaur onesie and tiara for their special day? If they are a little older and more concerned with their image, you could do some shopping ahead of the birthday and let them choose new clothes or shoes. It does not need to cost a lot if you take them to the right stores or use online vouchers that help you save 40% on shoes. Or, if you prefer the traditional method, make sure they have a big shiny badge that makes it clear to everyone they meet that they are the birthday boy or girl.

Make their school lunch a bit different

If they are not at school on their birthday, it’s easy to treat them to their favorite takeout food or take them to a restaurant. However, when their birthday falls on a school day, it is still possible to make their lunch special. You could drop into school at lunchtime with a delivery, and depending on the school’s rules; you might be able to stay and enjoy it with them. In any event, be sure to pack some special treats that they can share with their friends and teachers.

Have a ‘Yes day’

Parents have to be responsible and, let’s be honest, are often too exhausted or busy to agree to everything that their child wants to do. But for one day only, why not try a ‘yes day’. Essentially, you agree to do whatever your child wants to do, with some ground rules thrown in for practicality and safety reasons, e.g., you cannot travel further than a certain distance from home, you cannot spend more than $100, etc.

Write them a letter

What better way to make your child feel special than to tell them exactly what you love about them in a letter. Writing a letter to your child filled with memories, photos, and heartfelt emotions on their birthday is a wonderful tradition as they will eventually end up with a collection of treasured keepsakes to cherish.

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