Five Things Foster Children Need Most

You will experience great joy and also challenges raising a foster child. It is vital to grasp that the foster child has a history that cannot simply be forgotten, one that likely included the trauma of neglect or abuse. But you, as foster parent, can provide the child with the essentials that they need to blossom.

Safety and Security

Your foster child may have experienced many traumatic moments. This can make them hyper alert and always expecting to be in trouble. You can ease this by providing a tranquil home with set routines that are comforting. Your foster child should know when mealtimes are and that they will have sufficient food, as well as snack times.
A private room that is set up to provide the child with items and activities that interest them is essential. They must know that they can retreat to their room anytime they feel overwhelmed or simply want to be alone. A comfortable bed with a warm comforter and a nice armchair can make their room special. Remember to include things for them to do so that they don’t feel like they are being punished or must sit still in boredom when they need solitude.

Patience and Loving

Never raise your voice. Create a calm haven that is easy to be in. Always be available and open to what your foster child is going through. Exercise patience when the child behaves inappropriately and let them know that you value them personally. Love and acceptance are key to helping your foster child to adjust and more, to thrive. Let them know that they matter to you and handle conflict with equanimity. Do not bring your frustrations to the situation. If you need advice, contact your fostering agency, such as They will be happy to help you.

Belief in their Beauty

No matter the troubles a foster child has experienced, you can give them hope. By your belief that they can be their best selves, you help them believe it too. Remind them that their true personality will unfold naturally like a rose bloom in the right environment and then provide them with that backdrop and foundation.

Practical Considerations

Most foster homes are not equipped to provide a foster child with everything they need before placing them. As soon as you know when a child is arriving on your doorstep, their age, and their gender, start shopping for the necessities ahead of their arrival. Many foster children will arrive with just the clothes that they are wearing. They will be in dire need of clean underwear and basic clothing, such as underpants or panties, clean socks, and a few outfits to change into. Older girls may require sanitary products and anti-perspirant.

A Room of their Own

All foster parents must have a spare room to be used exclusively by the foster child. This requirement must be met before you will be allowed to foster. At the least, the room must contain a bed and bedding. However, the more of a haven you can create, the faster and better your foster child will adapt to their new home.

It takes a special person to foster but you will gain immeasurably from the experience as the child blossoms under your care.

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