Things you need to know before you move to Newton

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming, so a bit of introduction is always helpful. In this article, all the possible facts, schools, best places to live in Newton and other important things are mentioned, which might benefit people planning to move to Newton.

Newton is a rural city in the Middlesex County of Massachusetts, United States. It is also known as ‘The Garden City because of the tree-lined streets and open spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. It has an approximate population of 85,156 according to the 2010 U.S. census, which makes it the eleventh most significant city in the state. And fun fact: this city also has a cookie named after it that is Fig Newton.

Newton as a whole – amazingly, Newton is not a single city as a whole. It is a patchwork of thirteen different villages. Most towns have their own post office, but they don’t have any definite separating border.

Places to live in Newton – Newton is the number one place to live in the whole of Massachusetts and is ranked at number twelve on the best places to live in the U.S.A. Even though living there is expensive, it is worth it. One doesn’t even have to travel far for a good college as it is home to several major colleges and universities.

There are many best places to live in Newton. The Chestnut Hill Reservoir Park is one of the most popular and the best places to live in Newton. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of New York’s City Central Park. All the places in Newton have good cafes, restaurants, bars, parks, and excellent schools. Oak hill is one of those places with unique restaurants and the best schools.

Schooling in Newton – Newton is known for its educational institutions. It is home to several public and private schools. Newton public schools (NPS) are one of the best in the commonwealth. It also has quality colleges and universities that contribute to the reputation of Newton. Some of these Colleges include Boston College, Lasell University, etc. One can also get a certificate in thanatology, i.e., the study of death, from the National Center for Death Education at Mount Ida College located in Chestnut Hill, Newton.

Lively People – People in Newton are really fun and lively. Overall, the place is such that there are multiple events which take place every here and there. The community overall is very fun to be with, as people are very warm here, and always welcoming to the people who are new here.

Bottom line:

Newton is a great place to live in. Even though it’s expensive, living there is worth the money. It has a great neighborhood with the best schooling. It has a lushy green environment and loads of open spaces for enjoyment and relaxation.

It is rich in culture and history. Even being on the outskirts of Boston, it is a vibrant and thriving city with great people. It is the ideal place for families looking for good education and residential areas.

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