How Can Personalized Gifts Increase Sales Turnover?

New Zealand, an island country to the southeast of the Pacific Ocean, is home to over 50 million people. The country’s economy also harbors about 530,000 small businesses, which amounts to approximately 97% of all the firms in the nation. The challenge to stand apart from other businesses in the market is immense, which calls for innovative marketing techniques to create a lasting impact on the audience. There are several ways that the application of custom gear to a business, club, school, or organization can increase sales turnover.

The common thread among these ways is that each uses custom gear as a ‘shop window’ to promote their brand and identity.

With bespoke branded clothing as a marketing tool rather than a promotional gift, you can target a specific audience. You can choose to buy personalized gifts from sites like Custom Gear NZ for your target audience during a trade show or a memorable corporate event.

Here is how customized gifts increase sales turnover.

Promote your Brand Message

Your custom gear needs to be consistent with all other marketing material, such as promotional products and advertising.

All these items should work together to promote the same values that you want your customers to know about your business.

Custom gear such as labels, zippers, and hang tags can help add a professional touch when building awareness of your brand.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is not quickly gained but can be significantly influenced by small gestures like custom gears.
According to the Promotional Products Association International, wearables are the most popular category for promotional products. Printed merchandise are trendy promotional gifts, but they can be expensive to produce in large quantities.

Products like name badges and clothing (such as school uniforms) also reinforce your company identity and give pleasure to those who wear them. It has been shown that repeated buying is far easier if the customer has a positive association with your business, which can be achieved by promoting your brand through custom gear.

By using the services of a company that specializes in custom gear, you have the flexibility to create your unique designs or place small orders without incurring lengthy set-up costs associated with screen printing or embroidery.

Image is Important

Personalized custom items from websites like Custom Gear NZ helps to project an image of professionalism, which will help customers feel reassured when dealing with you.
Boost Your Sales Figures

Custom clothing has been shown to increase sales by 20 percent for some companies. So, your return on investment will come from increased brand exposure rather than production costs alone.

Promote Your Organization

Using custom gear as a fundraising vehicle can be very successful.

T-shirts, bags and hats are just items that can generate income for sports teams or charity organizations. They also make a public statement about where your support lies – which is powerful marketing!

For Schools and Clubs

Schools and sports clubs use branded uniforms to identify members and encourage school spirit. Custom clothing is more important in these settings than anywhere else because it helps build team unity, social bonds between players and identification with the club brand you’re promoting both inside and outside sport environments.

For Corporate Events

Personalized sportswear is ideal for participants at corporate events, both as gifts and mementos. It presents an opportunity to thank attendees for their efforts and build team spirit amongst co-workers.

As part of your own experience of leaving a sporting event, the final step is often receiving some sort of takeaway or souvenir – so why not customize clothing as a prize?

Throw the Ultimate Winning Post Party!

Corporate or group challenge events such as marathons, fun runs and charitable fundraising efforts are ideal for personalized t-shirts.

By rewarding participants with items that share your brand message, you can create a positive experience and leave a long lasting impression about your company.

Customized clothing is used in every industry, from the fashion forward to medical uniforms, to cargo pants for the mining industry.

No matter what your business is, there are people out there who want to wear items that show their support. Personalized clothing can be easily and cost effectively produced, so your customers will always receive a lasting impression of you and your business.

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