Great Reasons To Rent A High Quality Studio

You and a colleague have started a project, making travelogues. Having arrived in Bangkok you wish to film about places that tourists don’t normally get to visit as you know it will be interesting and open the eyes of potential visitors. Maybe a TV company will like the concept and might commission a series.

You then get a message that a pop star from the UK is passing through on a couple of nights stopover on route to Sydney and they are up for an interview. This would be great for your portfolio and might help persuade others that you are worth a go. After some research, you decide to stage the interview at JHT FIT Studio in Bangkok.

You want to get this one right. It will do your reputation huge amounts of good both with potential clients who are impressed and with the artist. The studio you have selected is the perfect choice as you require many of the following features.

  • You can have a choice of green or white backdrop, meaning you can offer your guest a choice if they are picky or to create the effect that you are looking for.
  • There is a full production team waiting to assist with the latest camera, lighting, and sound system so that you get the very best studio equipment all set up meaning that guarantee an excellent service in return for the fee. Your own filming is admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a style you like for your own project, but working with expert professionals is often the best option.
  • You want the best facilities possible for your guest, because it is rumored that they can be a bit precious. This one offers a reception room and dressing room which feature all mod cons. A shame it’s not Paul Weller, who is visiting!
  • Live streaming is available which your guest might want to make use of. You will also take the opportunity to boost your own social media profile and discover the advantages of Instagram followers and likes.
  • If required, you want a studio that can accommodate up to 10 people as you aren’t sure of the size of the entourage that will accompany your guest.
  • A sound lock system is desirable just in case you persuade your artist to perform live. Now that would be a scoop and you don’t want it to be a flop if you persuade them.
  • You may wish to stage a live event to follow up the booking already made. Finding such a studio in a great location in the heart of the city offers so much potential, not least in attracting guests somewhere convenient to where they might be staying. You can also mention that your guest might to want to visit a museum that shows where other superstars have enjoyed a night out.

Renting a studio with a great location and the most modern of facilities and a professional production team will guarantee a quality product and impress any guests.

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