Best Vegetarian Food Spots Near Victoria Station

Eating vegetarian is not just a preference for many people, it is a requirement. It can be really frustrating to find places to eat when you have dietary restrictions or requirements that are not met by regular restaurants. Thankfully, there are some great options for vegetarian dining that can be accessed near Victoria Station. You will not go hungry when you are heading through this area on your way to other adventures.

If you have been traveling all day or need to get onto the next bus in the near future, there are still options that are perfect for your needs in this area. This guide will help you to find the best vegetarian food spots near Victoria Station, so you don’t have to feel stressed about finding a good meal when you are traveling.

No matter what you decide to do about dining in this area, be sure that your bags are safe and secure in luggage storage before you find a place to sit down for a meal.

Best Vegetarian Food Spots By Victoria Station

1. Squirrel

This delightful little location is right by the station, and it is located at the Market Halls Victoria. You can enjoy dim sum here as well as great ice cream and vegan meals for those in your party who need this accommodation as well. The location is also ideal for a really nice midday tea, and you can enjoy really good craft beer here if you have some time to kill before your next bus.

There are meat-included food options on offer here as well if you do not all eat vegetarian. This is a well-rounded meal stop for lunch and dinner that is simple to find.

2. Tibits

Known for an excellent Sunday Brunch, this location also offers lots of great vegetarian dining options for lunch and dinner. This location is a buffet, which means that it’s really cost-effective, particularly if you are traveling with a large group or are in a hurry but still want a full meal. The atmosphere is really cozy and comfortable, and the staff is really helpful. There are many items on the menu that are meant to be made with meat that can be converted to vegetarian dishes as well, which is a really nice benefit of choosing this stop for your meal.

3. Noura

This lovely Lebanese dining option has many vegetarian dishes on offer, and you can get traditional Lebanese fare made to order when you sit down here. The service is excellent, and the location is comfortable. The prices are also really fair for the size of the portions, and you can get falafel and pitas to go with most meals here as well. For those who are not vegetarian, there are lamb dishes and other Middle Eastern specialties made without changes, but most of these dishes can also be made for dietary restriction needs. The dessert platter is also really excellent, but you will need to ask about vegan options if you do not wish to eat milk-based products for dessert.

4. Quaker Centre Cafe

This fun stop is a bookstore as well as a dining option, and you can head here for all three meals of the day with vegan and vegetarian dining choices aplenty. Pick out a new book and read in a little nook with your own table of delicious food while you wait for your next bus to start boarding. This is one of the nicest dining locations in this area, and the comfortable and homey atmosphere will feel welcoming instantly as soon as you step foot inside this space.

5. Wulf & Lamb

The entire menu at this location is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and you can easily find food from all kinds of different places around the world on the menu here. Get a plate of delicious Italian pasta, some great starters, a delicious salad, or even soups and desserts that are made with your needs in mind. The location is really nice and comfortable, and you will love that the staff is trained to cater to specific dietary needs. You will never have to worry that you are being fed anything that you cannot eat here, which can offer a lot of peace of mind when dining on the go.

6. Vantra

You can get vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food here, and all of it is excellent as well as creative. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable, and you will love that the menu offers such a wide array of selections to enjoy. There is no shortage of different kinds of cuisine represented on this menu, so there is going to be something for everyone who wants to eat at your party when you choose this location. There are vegetarian and vegan options, and with such a wide selection of foods on offer, this a great choice for those who are traveling in a group or who aren’t quite sure what sounds good to eat.

Eating Vegetarian Fare Near Victoria Station is Easy

There are so many really good vegetarian and vegan dining options near Victoria Station that you will not have to go hungry when you are traveling in this part of London. You can easily find the right kind of vegetarian and vegan food to enjoy when you are on the go. Being able to eat between buses or to step off the bus and head to dinner before going home is simple in this part of the city, and with this guide in hand.

From delicious food to amazing drinks and desserts, you can have any kind of dining experience that you want close to Victoria Station. London is one of the best places to head to if you want to be able to eat vegetarian or vegan, and most parts of the London area are very friendly for this dietary need. This guide will help you to pick the right restaurant for your needs so that you can fill up on delicious food and then get back to your travels or your planned activities.

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