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Simple DIY Methods to get a Sparkling Kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to clean among all areas in homes. Not only that, but also it’s quite challenging to maintain its cleanliness. Nevertheless, every household wants a clean and hygienic kitchen; after all, it’s the only place where food is cooked and stored. So, you have to put up with the hassles of cleaning oil and grease if that’s needed. But luckily, certain specific ways can make the task much easier for you. And, the best thing about these methods is that you can apply them yourself without any professional help.

Best DIY Ways to Enhance your Kitchen’s Hygiene and Look

When it comes to your kitchen, certain parts are very essential to clean. Moreover, dealing with them is often quite tedious. So, you may need professional cleaning services Dubai sometimes to take care of them. But that’s not always the case, and you must try out the following easy tips first:

1. Baking soda is a better cleaner

Do you have grease in your kitchen? You can clean them away with various cleaning products for sure. But, that often requires quite an effort on your part. Now, that is inconvenient in case you don’t have enough time. Want to get a clean kitchen soon? Start using baking soda as it’s better suited for the job.

You may or may not know this, but baking soda makes it easier to remove the grease. In the case of appliances like refrigerators, you need to mix it with hydrogen peroxide. For cleaning greasy utensils and kitchenware, you can use vinegar along with baking soda. You’ll always get a squeaky clean surface with this method. (Source: cleaning services Dubai)

2. Use vinegar for sparkling a surface

You often find patches of oil or grease in various parts of your kitchen. As we have seen, you can clean them easily with baking soda. But, you might sometimes find the surface dull after doing that. So, even though there aren’t any more spots, it might still not have the sparkle you want. In such cases, you can use vinegar to provide what it’s lacking. Moreover, it’s no less effective than various cleaning products available out there.

You need to mix some water in the vinegar and apply it to the affected spot. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes before you wipe or wash it off. After that, you’ll find all the dullness gone and get a squeaky clean surface.

3. Cleaning the sink

The sink is one of the most important parts of your kitchen that needs proper cleaning. After all, it develops greasy and dirty spots quite often. Now, with the previously-mentioned products, you’ll have no trouble dealing with this issue.

But remember, you need to apply baking soda powder throughout the sink. Now, use an old toothbrush to rub off the dirt and grease. The baking powder makes it easier for you to dissolve the grease in water. So, it won’t take much time to get them off. However, wash it right away after removing the dirt and oil, and you’re done.

4. Getting off grease from your stove burner grates

Burner grates are yet another place where you can find quite a lot of grease. As a result, cleaning them is often quite time-consuming and tiresome. Now, if you’re using the conventional method, there is an easier alternative for you. For that, make a mixture of baking soda with water, in which the former constitutes three-fourth. This product will help you get the grates squeaky clean.

Apply the mixture to a grate and let it sit for at least 15 minutes — also, the more time you give it, the more effective results it will render. Next, you need to wipe the grate with a soft piece of cloth. You’ll find no remaining traces of dirt or grease on it after that. So, you must give this effective and time-saving method a try.

5. Use lemon and water for cleaning and disinfecting

Apart from the other products mentioned here, you must also try a lemon and water solution. Apart from being an effective cleaner, it also works as a disinfectant. Now, various parts of your kitchen may have the presence of harmful microorganisms. So, you’d want to get rid of them to enhance your kitchen’s hygiene. A lemon and water solution is a good choice for that purpose. But, if it seems difficult to reach every nook and corner, professionals Cleaning service Dubai can be your best bet.

6. Removing debris from the kitchen sink

While using your kitchen sink daily, it may often get clogged. As a result, the water from washing dishes drains slowly or doesn’t drain at all. In most cases, this indicates various kinds of food debris stuck in the pipe. Now, you need not always contact a professional for that, as you can solve the issue yourself.

For that purpose, you can use common household products instead of harmful chemicals. In this case, you must use lemon, baking powder, and vinegar for optimal results. They are as effective as any chemical available out there for this task. So, pour a combination of the three into the sink. Let it sit for at least half an hour, and then turn on the tap. You won’t need professional help in most cases if you apply this method.

7. Cleaning inside the microwave

Microwaves make it easier to prepare various dishes within a short time. But, they also get greasy and require you to put considerable effort into cleaning them. You can make the job much easier with certain homemade products. A lemon-water solution is indeed effective in dealing with the greasy interior of your microwave. Also, you need not prepare it in a large quantity — A lemon and a cup of water is more than enough for this purpose.

Wait for at least 15 minutes after applying, and then wipe the surface. Apart from making the grease easier to remove, this will also disinfect the microwave. After all, the presence of harmful bacteria is noted inside the microwave. So, you must use this method regularly to keep your microwave clean and hygienic.

8. Cleaning oily surfaces

Getting rid of oil is yet another headache while cleaning your kitchen. But that’s not the case when you implement smart methods for the job. In case you didn’t know, you can easily clean up oily surfaces with mineral oil. That will take much less time and is an easier method for sure.

Make sure that you use either mineral or vegetable oil for this purpose. Apart from that, you need to get a soft and clean piece of cloth before getting started. Now, you need not use more than a few drops of oil in this method. Put them on the cloth and then rub the oily surface. You can clean it up with this method without much effort and get immediate results. Also, using the oil on the surface will give it a shiny look.

9. Getting rid of the smell

Cleaning off oil and grease is not enough unless you get rid of the smell. Your kitchen may sometimes have the odour of the last food you cooked. You must use an air freshener or exhaust fans to solve this. Apart from that, you can keep a lemon inside a bad-smelling dustbin to drive away from the smell.


The methods mentioned here aren’t new but simple alternatives to make cleaning your kitchen easier. So, you must apply all of them to get a sparkling and squeaky clean kitchen. Also, the homemade products mentioned here will help you to clean the entire area and appliances. Otherwise, you can always choose to look for professional kitchen cleaning services.

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