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How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally

Summer is once again setting in. Apart from people living in places like Siberia or the polar regions, almost everyone is thinking of ways to escape the scorching heat. The biggest question is how to keep room cool in summer naturally.

Natural techniques are important because of two reasons. Firstly, they will help you save a lot on your electricity bills, which would otherwise take a toll on your budget. Secondly, it will help save energy, and consequently, you will be able to contribute to making the environment more sustainable.

Therefore, we have put forth a list of ways that answers your question of how to keep your house cool. We have provided a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of these methods.

Keep the Windows Open

how to keep your house cool

One thing that will certainly bring down the temperature is the aeration of rooms and the entire house. For this purpose, keeping the windows open can help a lot. It will allow fresh air to come in, resulting in a cooler environment throughout the house.

For cross ventilation, the opening of all doors and windows is important. It is because, in addition to a way for the air to come in, there should be an escape route as well. Otherwise, the cross ventilation would not take place, and your efforts would be futile.

One problem that might occur by using this method is the influx of dust inside the rooms. Therefore, you will have to clean a lot more often. Additionally, mosquitoes might enter the rooms. However, this can be eliminated by having a net door and windows.

Make Use of Curtains

how to keep room cool in summer naturally

Sunlight is a major contributor to the high temperature in summers inside the house. How to keep house cool in such circumstances. Its effects can be minimized by the use of curtains effectively. These curtains will prevent sunlight from entering the rooms, resulting in lower temperatures.

Care must be taken while deciding the type of curtain to use. If you have curtains made of thick fabric set up in the rooms, they will have a completely opposite effect. Although they will block sunlight from reaching the room, air will not be able to pass through them.

Therefore, the curtains must be made of thin material. The thickness should be enough to stop the sunlight but allow air to come inside. Another solution to it can be that the curtains are not very close to the wall. This will result in the fresh air coming inside the room.

Reduce the Use of Appliances

how to keep house cool

Most of the appliances that we use daily emit a significant amount of heat. Some of the appliances that emit the most amount of heat are microwave ovens, refrigerator, room cleaner, and stoves.

One of the ways to reduce the heat emissions and resulting in a cool environment inside your house would be reducing their use. You can create a routine where you minimize their use during the day and use it during the night when the overall temperature lowers.

Another way could be to place these appliances in places where the heat is not trapped inside your house. You can place the microwave and stove in your backyard kitchen. Similarly, the refrigerator can be placed on the veranda. This way, heat would not be accumulated inside.


Although summer brings with it the chance to have fun, it can sometimes get irritating due to the scorching heat. In such circumstances, you might not be able to make the most of it.

Although techniques such as using air conditioners and internal heating systems would work best, the natural methods mentioned in the articles would certainly help in bringing down the temperature.

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