How to Make White Henna DIY

Henna has for a long time been quite popular, especially in the east. It is a major part of various festivals due to which it is an important aspect of their culture. However, in recent years, due to globalization, henna has been gaining popularity throughout the world.

This has also led to modifications to its use. One such modification is the introduction of white henna. Due to it being a newer product, people often ask how to make white henna. We have compiled the best white henna recipe and provided its details here.

Use Face Paint

Face paint can act as the best DIY white henna paste. It is super-easy to use as it is ready-made. You will just have to open the bottle, pick up a thin brush and start making the design.

Due to it being quite viscous, it is best for white henna tattoo designs. It is temporary and can be easily removed. Moreover, it is also not dangerous for the skin. So you will not have to worry about how to let go of it or any side effects on your skin.

There are some face paints that are water-proof. This is an add-on for people that are planning to go to pool parties this semester. You can enjoy swimming without any fear of looking any less beautiful.

Using Cosmetic Glue

Cosmetic glue or adhesive can also act as a DIY white henna paste. In order to utilize it for this purpose, you can use two methods. One method is to first put the adhesive on your skin with the required white henna designs. Afterward, dust it with mica powder or glitters. This will look great on your skin.

Another method involves the same white henna ingredients as discussed previously. However, the method to apply it is different. It involves mixing color or mica powder in the cosmetic adhesive. After it has mixed properly, apply it to the skin by making the designs of your choice.

The biggest thing about using cosmetic glue is that it will last up to a week. So if you are planning to participate in wedding celebrations of a friend or family member that could span over a week, this is the thing you will need.

Another benefit of using this is that you can make several modifications. Unlike face paint that only allows you to make designs with white color, by using this method, you can add glitters of various colors along with white paste to give it a shiny look. Being a medically approved product, you will not need to worry about it causing any damage to your skin.

Make Stickers

Another unconventional way of making beautiful designs would be DIY stickers. You can print a design on a page and cut it off. Once this stage is done, apply an adhesive to the bottom side of the sticker. Paste it on your body, and you will have the design within no time.

This method is beneficial if you are not good at making designs. In that case, pasting the glue to using face paint will not bring about the best results. The designs made would be irregular and might not look good.

You can achieve whatever design you want on a computer with a few clicks. Get a print, and there you go. You will get a very complex design with minimal effort.


This is a very new product which is yet to be explored. People are exploring many different ways of going about it. There is no one way to do it. We would suggest that you try your own ingredients as well. But if you are short on time, these methods are the best.

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