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10 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Cooking indoors in the summers is always a challenge. It might be the best time of the year to take your apron outdoors and cook outside in the yard or garden. Therefore, building an outdoor kitchen is the best solution.

It can serve multiple functions as a store and sitting area. It is always nice to have a fun area in your home where your creative genius manifests. And the best way is to make your own outdoor kitchen design. This article will help you choose from some of the best and simplest outdoor kitchen designs.

Outdoor kitchen cost is variable. It depends on your chosen idea and design. You can increase or decrease the budget as you deem fit. Do not worry, as this article has it all on how to build an outdoor kitchen fast and cost-effectively.

Simplest Outdoor Kitchen Idea

The simplest way to build one is to use

  • A table as prep
  • A shelf or cart for storage
  • A grill
  • A cooler

Place them on a risen place in the garden or a concrete patch. You can play with the colors to add your creativity.

Mud Oven

Everyone is a fan of pizza and baking. You can build your very own mud oven and start treating your family with pizza nights.

You will need an inner cylindrical frame that is readily available. Then cover that well with clay from all sides, forming an elaborate square shape. So do not forget to leave a small open at the bottom.

Firewood Brick Oven

If mud seems too much of a mess to you, then a brick oven in the yard is a good alternative. It is simple and versatile. Hire a professional for this one.

Open Air Brick Structure Outdoor Kitchen

Bricks are long lasting and can absorb heat. Therefore, you can design your cookhouse and its cabinets in a brick structure. Bricks are also a good way to fix appliances like an electric oven.

Backyard Kitchen cum Party Area

Place a high-rise table, some drinks on a shelf, and a cover over the top. You have your very own outdoor kitchenette that can also act as a party area. Stools will look complementary to the high-rise table.

Kitchen Cabinets

The best way to have kitchen cabinets outside is to use an improvised or bigger side table. It can also double as a prep table or serving table.

Overhead Shed

A permanent and more durable solution is building an overhead shed. It will provide protection in the rain. You can place your appliances without fear.

A Fiberglass Structure

Fiberglass is trendy, durable, and strong. They can be modified into beautiful designs and patterns. You can have an open-air kitchenette with fiberglass work. The best idea with fiberglass is building a small room or cottage.

You can enjoy a hybrid experience of cooking indoors in a fiberglass room and still enjoy the scenery outside. You can keep your accessories safe in a fiberglass structure.

Concrete Pebble Prep and Sink

This might look out of the blue but building a concrete cookhouse is very dull. To make things interesting, you can design the concrete and decorate it with pebbles or rough structures to give it a different look.

This design is bold and will surely stand out. You can also attach pebbles to the sink to make it look more natural and wild. This is one of the coolest and odd outdoor ideas.

Near a Swimming Pool

Where do we spend most of the summer days? In the pool outside.

Swimming can be exhausting. It makes you hungry. Why not move your cooking just beside the pool. You can also have a bar to make it wholesome.


These were the 10 best ideas. You can use your creativity to come up with new designs too. Happy Cooking!

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