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Have Control Of Your Water Bill Using The Water Leak Detection System

Many people do not find valid reasons for a sudden rise in their water bills. Everything looks fine in the plumbing line. No leakage is detected visually, making one believe that water leaks somewhere in the supply line and inflates the bills. Again people sometimes ignore minor leaks, but it is also one of the causes for high water bills. So what does one do in these types of situations? It is best to call a good plumbing agency as they are experts in water leak detection. However, before taking professional services, one should examine various things and then call for help.

Things To Check

Check The Outdoor Supply Line Area

Water is billed only after passing through the water meter. The meter records the water flow, and the agencies bill the amount accordingly. Outdoor supply lines are placed deep inside the ground. It is not possible to check the pipes by a layperson. However, if you see some moisture on the surface, any outgrowth along the stretch of the pipeline, or wet patches on the ground, it is a sign that water is leaking from somewhere. Call a plumber expert in water leak detection and get the supply line serviced to stop leakage.

Check The Plumbing Lines On The Walls

If your plumbing lines are not concealed, it is easy to check them. Any moisture or damp area on the walls or rust on the pipes of metal signifies water leakages. Rectify the defects or replace the pipes by calling an expert plumber. However, if the lines are concealed (and in most cases), water leak detection can be challenging unless some wet patch comes on the surface. An expert professional can detect the leakage using specialized tools and rectify them.

Dripping Taps And Valves

Sometimes, the taps or the valves do not shut entirely, and water drips through them. One should replace them immediately to cut down the loss of water and getting inflated bills.

Note The Meter Reading

One of the best methods of water leak detection is to note down the water meter reading. The process is simple, you need to do is to shut off all taps and water sources. Note down the reading on the water meter. Do not use any tap for some hours. Again check the water meter reading. If the reading is the same as your previous reading, then there is no water leakage. However, if the reading is different, there is some problem in the supply line, and water is leaking from someplace that isn’t easy to detect by a non-specialist. Call the best plumber service provider in your area and get things sorted out.

Observe Your Water Usage

If everything is fine and professional plumbers have failed to detect any water leaks, and then be sure that your water usage has increased due to some reasons. Note down the meter reading at regular intervals, particularly after running the washing machine, dishwasher, or having a bath. It will give you an idea as to why your water bills are high despite no leakages.


Water leak detection is one of the issues to find out the reason for inflated water bills. However, if they are not visible to you with naked eyes, it is best to call a professional and take proper help. However, if everything is fine in the supply line, be sure your average water consumption has increased for other reasons like increasing the number of family members, running the washing machine frequently, and many more. Exploring all possible causes and taking corrective action is best to cut down your water bill.

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