Sauce Walka Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family, Facts

Who is Sauce Walka?

He is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born on 29 June 1990. Currently, he is 31 years old. His full name is Albert Walker Mondane. He is from Texas. He is also known as drip god and sauce father. He follows the Christian religion.

The career of Sauce Walka

He began his rapping career in the year 2007. He is known as Sauce Walka because in the year 2014 he started releasing mixtapes as Sauce Walka. He is on the list of top famous rappers. He worked with numerous famous celebs. He is popular for hip-hop.

Achievements of Sauce Walka

Here is his list of mixtapes which includes In Sauce We Trust, Sorry 4 the Sauce, Sauce Theft Auto, Sorry 4 the Sauce 2, Don’t Let The Sauce Fool U, Holy Sauce, Sorry 4 the Sauce 3, The Sauce Father, Drip God, Sauce Ghetto Gospel, New Sauce City, Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2, Lost In the Sauce, Sauce Train, Birdz Hunt Snakes, Sauce R&B and God of Texas.

Net Worth of Sauce Walka

Being such a talented rapper and songwriter, these are his source of income, and his net worth is around $2 Million.

More about Sauce Walka

Mondane was involved in a gun-related incident in the year 2009. Court records show that Mondane appealed guilty for shooting and wounding a person during a concert at Texas University. In 2018, Police told that Mondane was involved in a criminal street gang. He was also named as Documented Gang when he was involved in some criminal and offensive activities. But he did not lose hope and stated that nothing can stop him from rapping.

He has dated numerous girls and had a daughter with one of them.

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