Max Cavalera Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family, Facts

Who is Max Cavalera?

Max Cavalera is a guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He was born on 4th August 1969. Currently, he plays in heavy metal bands Soul fly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed. His star sign is Leo. He lives in Brazil. His gender is male.

Max’s father died when he was 9 years old. They had to face financial crises.

The Career and Achievements of Max Cavalera

Max Cavalera started his musical career when he was only 15. He became most successful in a short period and gained lots of attention and fame when he completed his career. He is also known as the Frontman for the groove metal band Soul fly. He has also performed with Sepultura. He also ranked on the most popular musicians list which was a huge achievement for him. He has also worked on short projects like a Nail bomb. He also released the album Blunt Force Trauma in 2011.

He plays his guitar with only four strings and the B and high E strings opted out. He was co-founder of the death metal band (Sepultura) with his brother Igor Cavalera. He was also the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist until 1996.

He has lived in Arizona with his wife Gloria and 5 beautiful children Zyon, Igor, Jason, Richie, and Roxanne. The 3 eldest were adopted by Max. Zyon, Igor, and Richie have collaborated with his dad on many projects. Zyon is a regular member of Drummer. Igor has type 1 diabetes so their parents set up an “Iggy fund” so that other parents can do treatment of their children with diabetes.

Max Cavalera Net Worth

Max Cavalera is a metal singer and this is his source of income. His net worth is $1million-$5million. His earnings are also from Yeezy sneakers.

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