What Makes A Vehicle Suitable For Wheelchairs

Whether you have used a wheelchair for the majority of your life or if you have just recently started using one, most people will need to invest in a vehicle that is suitable for their wheelchair. This can help you to get around much more easily and make sure that you can leave the house without worrying about how you are going to travel to your destination or what you are going to do with your wheelchair. Then, here is everything that makes a vehicle suitable for wheelchairs.

1. The Size of the Vehicle

People who use wheelchairs should look at the size of the vehicle in question before they decide to buy it since no one wants to buy a vehicle that their wheelchair will not fit into. Vehicles that have space for a wheelchair are usually larger than others, and to find the perfect car, you will need to check the size of your wheelchair and its dimensions, including its height and width, to see whether it suits the vehicle in question. You will also need to consider your needs and what you will be using the wheelchair for. For instance, you will need to make sure that there is space for extra people and luggage if you have a large family or plan to take it on long-distance journeys, such as on a vacation.

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2. A Large Trunk

The vehicle that you choose will also need a large trunk in which you can store your wheelchair and any accessories that you may need. Unlike some cars, where the trunk is a small compartment at the back of the vehicle, you may choose to invest in a car where the trunk space is not separate from the rest of the inside of the car. You will then be able to access this space via the doors of the car rather than by using a trunk lid, which can limit the amount of space in the compartment. You might also look for a car with removable chairs that you can take out to fit your wheelchair into the space. This will then ensure that you can store your wheelchair safely when you travel.

3. Large Doors

Your vehicle will also need wide doors if it is going to be suitable for wheelchair users, as this will make it easier for them to get in and out of the vehicle and will ensure that you can fit the wheelchair into the car without any issues. Many cars will also have a ramp that you can attach to the doors to make it easier for you to enter the car. You might also choose a vehicle that has a lower lip on the doors and the trunk than other cars, as this will ensure that there are fewer problems trying to maneuver yourself or your wheelchair into the car.

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