Top 3 Car Makers in the United States

There is no doubt that the automotive market has been doing well in the United States and therefore there are many auto makers around the world that have been trying to make better use of the growing economy of the US market. Today, most people in the US prefer to buy cars and therefore the auto makers are more focused on the kind of market response that they have. Here we take a quick look at the top car makers in the United States that have managed to get better market value and reputation.

General Motors

General Motors Company also popularly known as GM has remained among the top automakers in the United States and also in the world and employs more than 200,000 employees worldwide. The company has its businesses in more than 157 markets around the world which means that the company has its presence in almost every corner of the globe. GM holds many different brands under the company like Buick, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Holden, Isuzu, Opel, and many more. With a net income of $7.5 billion GM certainly remains among the top car makers in the world and the US market.


If we take a quick look at some of the top auto makers that make cars for Americans we cannot ignore Ford Motor Company that is also known as Ford more popularly. The company has been making some of the top cars for many decades now and has been voted as one of the top car makers in the North American market. Ford established in 1903 and it has managed to be among the top car makers in the United States. The company usually sells all their cars under their Ford brand but they sell their luxury cars under the Lincoln brand which is also quite popular in the United States. While Ford saw a decline in their sales especially during the recession period in the year 2008 but they saw their sales rising up especially when commercial customers returned in the year 2010. Ford is certainly among the top car makers in the US as it has a net income of $3.3 billion in the market.


Among the top car makers in the United States Chrysler manages to take the third spot with the company having major shares in Fiat that is also one of the brands for the company. Founded in 1925 the company gradually managed to get more popularity. The company has some of the top brands like Dodge, Jeep and Ram that usually focus on the truck business. The company has merged with various international car brands to become among the top car makers in the US. The company has a net income of $1.4 Billion that makes it among the top car companies that produce cars for Americans.

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