Tips for First Time Mom with Newborn

Becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. It is a turning point for them as their entire outlook on life changes with the arrival of the newborn. Due to this, it might get overwhelming for a first time mom to handle everything.

Being a mother cannot be easy, so in order to make it less difficult, we have compiled some newborn hacks that would ease the transition and reduce the stress that mothers have to go through in the initial phases after giving birth.

Connect with Other Moms

Connecting with other moms is an important thing to do. One should start connecting with other moms during pregnancy so that when she gives birth, she already knows what to do. As others would have already gone through this phase, they would be aware of the problems and questions you might be facing.

Some of them might have raised several children. Therefore, they will give you important advice from their experience. Also, being a single mom to a newborn might be tiresome. In that case, single mothers can connect with others that have faced similar circumstances and ask them for guidance.

They would give tips such as what to buy before birth, how to feed your child, whether to breastfeed or not, what are the best shops to shop for kids clothes, and several other queries that you might have.

Go on a Shopping Spree before the Delivery

One of the mistakes that first-time mothers make is delaying the shopping until after the delivery. One should keep in mind that there is a lot to do after delivery. First of all, you will have to be discharged from the hospital.

You will not get free after that. There will be celebration parties and their preparation. Guests will be visiting you to congratulate you. Thus, you will be occupied for a long time. Therefore, all the shopping must be done before the child is born. Some things to buy are clothes, a bathing kit for the child, lotions to keep their skin moisturized, and toys.

Do Extensive Planning

One piece of advice that experienced moms give to mothers, especially single moms with newborns, is to plan extensively before the birth. It is because the situation after birth might get overwhelming. This might result in you missing out on several important things.

What you can do is make a to-do list of the things that are a must. Moreover, plan your finances for the next few months as a significant change is going to occur in your bills due to the new family member joining. Also, make preparation for the invitation and other requirements for celebration parties.

Do Not Forget to Take Care of Yourself

People have usually observed a lack of attention towards themselves of females who become mothers for the first time, with mom diverting all her attention to the newborn. This results in deteriorating physical as well as mental health in addition to other numerous problems.

It is important for the mother to keep in mind that her health is as important as her child’s. She will only be able to take care of the child if she is healthy herself. Therefore, taking care of oneself is a must.

Self-care involves having a healthy diet to overcome fatigue due to extra effort put into catering to the needs of the child. Additionally, people usually gain a lot of weight after delivery. Therefore, doing regular work is also important.


Experiencing motherhood for the first time is not an easy task by any scale. You will have days where even waking up would seem too much. However, following these tips would help you out.

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