Tech Tips: How To Entertain Yourself On A Long Flight?

Some popular tips to pass the time on a flight are mentioned below;

1. Read a book

You can bring your favorite book home or buy one at the airport. Flights usually serve as the best interruption-free time for the readers, so you must take full advantage of it. Bring a book you have been waiting to read, or grab a magazine or newspaper that keeps you entertained.

You can also download books or magazines on your phone or reading gadgets like kindle from e-reading websites. The newspapers present offered on the flight may also be very interesting to read.

2. Listen to Music

The flight playlist is a real thing now. Make a flight playlist of your own by choosing some classical music that you can listen to over and over again, as well as some new songs you were planning to try. You can also use a streaming app like Spotify or Pandora to create your playlists or check out some pre-made ones.

Some apps, like Spotify, offer an Offline mode that allows you to listen to your playlist without the internet on a premium subscription.

3. Checkout a podcast

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time; there are many different ones. Your flight time offers you quality disturbance-free time where you can think through some positive elements of life. Choose the podcast you are interested in or want to listen to.

You can learn something new with educational podcasts such as Stuff You Should Know or Answer Me This. You can also listen to comedy, literary, or news podcasts.

It is advisable to download a few shows before your flight, so if your plane doesn’t have wifi access, you’ll still have hours of entertainment.

4. Watch a movie

If you have a long flight, utilize the time for some fun. Most long flights offer some form of in-flight entertainment. You can surf through the movie options available in flight as a manual has a list of movies available. You can tune in to the one you are interested in, sit back, and enjoy. You can also download a movie to your smartphone or tablet ahead of time so you can watch whatever you like.

5. Play sudoku to challenge your mind

If nothing from the options above appeals to you play a mind-boggling puzzle. Bring a book of sudoku puzzles, a pencil, and an eraser for mistakes with you on the flight. It will not only help you kill time, but you may soon become interested in solving more such puzzles. The best part is that you don’t need batteries or wifi but just brainpower. You could also bring a book of crossword puzzles if that is something you find more interesting.

6. Get creative with your writing

You may use your free time on an airplane to take a crack at that story, poem, play, or anything you get on your mind. You can also write out your thoughts in a journal or document your travels so you can look back and read them in the future. Many best-seller writers have written their popular book ideas in their free time, like on a flight. Getting a rough draft down on paper can give you a jumping-off point and may give you the push to work on a creative project.

7. Take photos out of the window

One of the most exciting parts about flying in an airplane up high in the sky is the bird’s eye view you get. You may capture a beautiful picture with your camera. Take your camera or phone and snap some photos of the skyline, clouds, or any famous landmarks you recognize. Save them for later, post them to social media, or share them with your friends and loved ones. Photos are the best way to build memories. For instance, some scenic snapshots of mountain ranges could be nice to save and look back on in the future.

8. Talk to someone next to you

Try to make a healthy conversation with the people seated close to you. An airplane is full of people from various cultures, professions, etc., and you never know who you could meet. Try starting the conversation by introducing yourself. Ask if they’re traveling for a vacation or work. If they’re interested in chatting, it could help pass the time. For example, you may start the chat by saying, “Hi there, I’m Susan. Are you heading to LA for vacation?”

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