5 Super Valuable Toys From Your Childhood

When you think back on your childhood, there are those core memories that might bring a smile to your face. When you’re older, and you don’t have those special toys, or worse, lost them somewhere, you might go on a search to find them. Once you realize the value of them now, you’ll see why holding onto them is a valuable thing.

If you’re curious about the five super toys from your childhood that fit that list, here are a few that are popular and worth a lot of money. This might lead to you taking a second look in your attic or basement to find treasures that others are looking to buy.

The Transformers

Transformers G1 toys are some of the least known toys that sell for a lot of money. The Skywarp transformer sold for $615.99 at one point recently. There are many other transformers that fall into this list that recently sold for far more. Here are some of them.

  • Blaster – $2,500.
  • Swoop – $1,825.
  • Shockwave – $1,525.
  • Sludge – $1,525.
  • Smokescreen – $1,275.
  • Rumble and Ravage – $903.
  • Jazz – $799.
  • Slag – $788.78

These values will change, of course, but it shows how valuable some toys are from your past. It’s enough to go look around to see what treasure you may have in a storage box somewhere. If you know where to tap, these toys can fetch massive profits for you at the moment.

The Nineties

The nineties are a huge nostalgic category, with a whole list of toys that collectors are vying to locate and add to their collections. Here are some of the amazing toys from the nineties that people want to buy.

Beanie Babies

If you haven’t heard of Beanie Babies, then you were probably not alive in the nineties. These little, adorable bean-filled stuffed animals were a weekly subject of conversation in school for kids. Then adults got into the collecting, and the rest of the collectibles came out. Cases, tags, and other Beanie Babies collectibles are all valuable today.

American Girl

American Girl Dolls actually started in the eighties but grew to legendary toy collectible status in the nineties. Who were you if you were a girlie-girl and didn’t have an American Girl doll as a child back then? Collectors bid for them on online auction sites, well into the thousands of dollars for some of the more rare collectibles from American Girl.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter first edition books from the nineties are one category that varies. If you know where to sell your books, and they are the correct edition, then you can stand to make $55,000. The values range widely, of course, but that’s enough to make you stand up and look around your bookshelves.


The Barbie collectors of the world all know how valuable their dolls can be. The nineties are no exception, either. One collectible from that time frame is the Pink Splendor Barbie that sold for $1,000. The Barbie Shopping Mall from that same era, if you can find it, sells for well over $2,000 in used condition. That’s how rare it is.

Happy Meal Toys

The Happy Meal toys might come as a surprise for you. Many people have no idea that those little Happy Meal toys are valuable, but they are. While the resale value isn’t as much as other collectible toys, they are worth mentioning. The range maximum averages around $140.

Children’s Electronic Toys

It seemed like every toy character out since the eighties had an electronic toy or device that was available and in demand during the holidays. You could create an entire apartment of electronics with all the character televisions, blenders and phones, to name a few, that were in demand. Nostalgic nineties kids collect those for a premium today.

If you want to buy vintage toys that make you walk down your memory lane, all these collectibles are available. You may find them on auction sites and for sale online. If you’re nostalgic, then expect to pay a hefty amount for them. If you have these to sell, then your lucky day might be waiting up in the attic.

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