10 Harmless and Hilarious Pranks to play on your friends

You do not have to be a child to play practical witches and amusing pranks with family and friends; adults also enjoy causing a particular disturbance. The trick is to ensure that your joke is funny rather than destructive. Avoid unpleasant, hazardous, harmful, or tedious techniques and always remember your audience.

When you plot a prank, the sentiments of the individual that you tug on are pretty crucial. You may not want to throw the prank if the outcomes are adverse. As long as you remember this, everyone will find your prank as amusing as you are.

The following ten techniques are ideal for a bit of adult fun.


Put some gooey, slimy stuff on your victim’s phone, such as toothpaste or mayo near the ear or mouthpiece. Don’t use gum as that can’t be washed out and might stick to the hair. Then ring up the victim and watch out as they pick up the phone. What a sight!! Also, refer to this article, it’s a fantastic read about this


If someone isn’t looking, squeeze a little lemon juice in their drink. You can also add a tiny bit of vinegar or salt. As they take another sip, be ready to shot their stimulus reaction.


Purchase a harmonica, then tap it beneath your victim’s car’s front bumper. At first, they won’t hear anything but will ultimately detect a distinctive wheezing sound from their automobile engine. How much time can they ignore this? You might have to share the price for harmonica removal if they end up taking the automobile to a repair. But this prank will be worth seeing their reaction.


Write a message like “I am in trouble, need your help as soon as possible” on a notepad and add an illegible signature. Leave it at a coworker’s desk, and they will worry while trying to figure out who left the note and what could be the trouble. Why and where do they need them?? Watch them out as they panic for a few minutes before revealing yourself and the mystery message prank you pulled out to them. So easy, but so powerful.


Cut off the tops of the onions and peel. Try to make them appear just like an apple. Into the onions, put the wood craft sticks. Would you please take all the caramels and place them in a dish? Add one spoon of milk and microwave it for a minute. Then swirl and cook for 1 minute more. Roll apples and onions in caramel evenly, spread the caramel with a spoon, and cover the whole surface of the onion nicely. Would you please put them in the refrigerator and let them cool? No one would ever hesitate to sink their teeth in if they spotted something spherical, covered with caramel and a stick at the bottom. But it turns out, behind all this sweet caramel, it’s not an apple, but an onion!!


Seek out an unaware target and persuade them that Mar 20th is indeed today. It would help if you changed all computers or device’s dates accordingly, and the calendar must be customized. Yet, if you pull it off correctly, It will successfully shatter the space-time barrier. It will be fun to watch you ultimately convince the victim to believe it’s March 20th.


Provide a supper of fried eggs for your victim. It seems excellent, but once they have a mouthful, they will find that the eggs are yogurt and peach halves. Still delicious, undoubtedly, but perhaps not what their taste senses expected. The food is pretty simple, and it only takes a few minutes to plate it, but it never ceases to remember the perplexity that exists on the face of your buddy.


Just take a black paper and cut it out in a way that appears ambiguous, like a giant bug(you don’t even need to be that particular about the scissor work), then fix it inside a lampshade. The first thing one will see when they go inside and turn on the lamp is the shadow of an insect.

You should perhaps try it with someone who is seriously frightened of insects. Watch them jump and freak out as soon as they turn on the lamp.


Add a thin coat of clear nail polish on a soap bar and make it unusable instantaneously. Polishes make the soap waterproof. Therefore, one may scrub and scrape whatever they want with it, but it never gets later. Put the soap right before the victim is about to take a shower. Later, enjoy their rant about the soap and the soap manufacturing company these days.


Challenge your buddy. Put your palm-down hand on the table and weigh a full glass of water on the back of your palm. Bet your buddy to have a glass on both hands, challenge them that they can’t do it. Once they agree, help your friend put the glass in position. As soon as the glasses are balanced, get up and walk off. They are caught up in the trap and have no way out to escape without spilling!! Ain’t it fun to watch your friend stuck that way?

Try these tricks out and have a great time with your close ones cause “nothing’s better than having some innocent fun to break off a boring day.” Ain’t it?

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