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5 Solar Panel Benefits You Didn’t Know but Should

Did you know that almost three percent of all homes will have solar power by the year 2025? As solar power becomes more popular with homeowners, the benefits of solar are obvious and positive.

Have you considered getting solar panels, but you don’t know where to begin? Here are five solar panel benefits that may help you sway your decision on whether or not to install them for your home.

1. Tax Incentives

When you install a solar panel system, you can take advantage of it by reducing your tax bill. The federal solar home credit gives you a 26 percent rebate on the entire cost of installation.

You can claim it once on your tax return and possibly increase your refund. You may also take advantage of future tax benefits of solar panels as they become more popular.

2. Go Off the Grid

Have you ever dreamed of living off the grid? One of the huge benefits of solar is that you can have a self-sustaining power source without needing to connect to the electrical grid.

As long as your area has access to sunlight and solar energy storage, the opportunities where you can live are limitless.

3. Prepare for Natural Disasters

When you have a major weather event like a wildfire or hurricane, losing power is a real possibility. However, with the benefits of solar panels, you will be more prepared than your counterparts.

When you have solar power, especially stored in backup batteries, you can still power your home without the electrical grid. You may even be able to help your neighbors get power if they need it for emergencies.

4. Increase Home Value

Since solar is such a huge money saver, it naturally can bring up the value of your home. Solar panel installers can estimate how much your home value will increase based on the type of solar panels that you use.

This also depends on how much you can benefit from solar where you live. For example, solar-powered home in southern California is more attractive than in a cloudy part of the country.

5. Save Money on Your Electric Bill

One of the most attractive benefits of solar is that it saves you money in the long run. Solar installation is surprisingly affordable, with all kinds of rebate programs and payment plans.

If you live somewhere with lots of sunlight, you can completely eliminate your electrical bill by replacing it with solar power. Your solar energy system will pay for itself in no time.

So Many Solar Panel Benefits

If you want solar panels for your home, you should not have to worry that it will be a bad choice. With these solar panel benefits, you can make an informed decision and install a solar panel system for your home.

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