10 Different Types of Maxi Skirts for Girls and Women

When we talk about classic, vintage, and still fashionable styles, skirts come to mind. Maxi Skirts are the must-have for Aussie women. Silks, georgettes, chiffons, and other soft fabrics with fall are used to make different types of skirts. Skirts are available in the market in different colors, styles, patterns, and prints.

Skirts can provide you with a formal or casual look depending on how you style them? Skirts are comfortable, chic, and stylish.

You can have on skirts in the summer, autumn, and spring seasons. You can also wear long-length maxi style skirts with leggings underneath in winters. Maxi skirts will keep you warm in winter. Maxi Skirts having creases look formal.

Let us explain different types of maxi skirts from which you can choose for parties, special occasions, and for a sunny day.

1. Broomstick Skirts

different types of skirts

Broomstick skirts are long skirts having pleats with narrow widths. They range from ankle length to floor length. If you wear it with a fancy top, it gives you a formal look.

2. Circular Skirts

different types of maxi skirts

Circular skirts are the same from all the sides, and they give a circular look from each side of the maxi skirt.

3. A-line Skirts

types of skirts

A-line skirts length ranges from knee to ankle. A-line skirts are alike in length from top to bottom. You can have on it with a buttoned or embroidered short fancy top or with a leather jacket in winters.

4. Floral Skirts

shirts for maxi skirts

You can put on these types of skirts with neutral tops. Floral Skirts are best to wear when you have to go to a sunny place or hanging out with friends. You can also wear them on holidays, and at birthday parties.

5. Mermaid Skirts

These types of skirts look more attractive and suitable to wear on formal occasions rather than casual occasions. Mermaid skirt is loose at the top, narrow at the knees, and flared and wide till feet.

6. Bell-shaped Skirts

It gives a bell shape from all the sides. Women usually wear bell-shaped skirts on formal occasions.
Bell-shaped skirts come in different styles, lengths, and designs. Some bell-shaped skirts also have creases on them.

7. Culotte Skirt

different types of maxi skirts

Designers use silk or other flowy fabrics to make culotte skirts, these types of maxi skirts you can wear at a party.

8. Denim Skirts


maxi skirts

White shirts for maxi skirts made of denim fabrics are a perfect match. Denim skirts usually come in blue and black color. These skirts look chic.

9. Flared Skirts

types of skirts

These skirts have folds on them, which give a flare and twirls while dancing.

10. Gypsy Skirts

You can make it at home. You have to use more fabric to give a flared look. This type of skirt is more printed, colorful, and fun. These skirts are comfortable and come in versatile designs.


We hope that you will like our list of maxi, and be ready to select the skirts of your favorite color, design, pattern, and prints. Maxi Skirts are one of the most ancient outfits girls still like and love to wear because it is in style nowadays.

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