Amenities You’ll Find In High-End Purpose-Built Student Accommodations In Brisbane

According to Statista, about 4000 students were living on-campus in Brisbane in 2016. The trend favours off-campus housing, and options like Iglu properties in Brisbane are your go-to when it comes to university life in Brisbane.

The city is home to prestigious universities such as The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Australian Catholic University, James Cook University, Central Queensland University, and the University of Sunshine Coast.

Brisbane is popular among local and international students alike and attracts students from diverse streams like technology, arts, journalism, sports, medicine, and finance.

With throngs of students flooding the city, off-campus services are mushrooming all over the city. If you are shopping around for off-campus, purpose-built accommodation in Brisbane, you should look out for these amenities.

Spacious Quarters

For those who love large spaces, off-campus accommodation is ideal. You have a wide variety of room sizes to pick from so that your movements are not restricted. In addition, sharing is optional.

If you do not wish you had a roommate, the choice is yours. This is unlike the on-campus dorms where you are stuck with a roommate, whether you like it or not.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is a lot of fun, and the weather in Brisbane invites you to take a dip in the pool. With a swimming pool in your living quarters, you have the comfort of using it as you please. Not only can you use it for exercise, but also have exciting pool parties over the weekends.

Easy Access To Public Transport

While you do not want to live on-campus, you do not want to stay too far away either. Therefore, one important amenity that your off-campus accommodation should include is proximity to public transport services, like bus stops, terminals, etc. Not all students have their own vehicles and use local transport to get to the university.

Options like Iglu properties in Brisbane make sure that you have easy access to the local transport system so that your focus remains on your education.

Free And Unlimited Wi-Fi

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most schools and universities to move to an online curriculum. While a few universities have resumed classes, most assignments and exams are still submitted online.

University students also need to do research for their projects, and collaborate with group members both online and offline. All these activities require access to the internet. Off-campus accommodations offer free and unlimited Wi-Fi access to its residents, ensuring the internet speed or connectivity is never a hurdle.

Gym And Exercise Room

All work and no play can make anyone a dull person. You need to make sure that your exercise regime is not hampered just because you are going to university. Therefore, a gym or exercise room is necessary for an off-campus accommodation facility.


Modern off-campus properties offer a high level of security with CCTV and key cards to access the property and rooms. This keeps trespassers out and gives you peace of mind.

Living off-campus has many advantages. However, make sure that the above amenities are present so that you can make the most of your university life. Even if you cannot afford an accommodation with all of these, try to prioritise things such as security, internet, accessibility and room size when looking for your accommodation.

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