How to Protect Your Van Against Thieves

If your livelihood revolves around the use of your van, you should do everything in your ability to protect it against opportunistic thieves. Not only is the van itself incredibly valuable, but the contents can also cost a fortune too. Therefore, any theft that occurs can have devastating repercussions. Here are a few ways you can protect your van and reduce the risk of theft.

Home Security

Business vans attract a lot of attention and are particularly vulnerable to theft, and a lot of van thefts occur late at night when owners are away from their vehicles. Unfortunately, burglars seize this opportunity to break into unmanned vans. Van owners can deter thieves by parking their vehicles in an area with plenty of light and CCTV. If you usually park your van on your drive or close to your property, you can try installing security lighting and a CCTV system. Not only will lights and video surveillance act as a deterrent, but in worst-case scenarios, you will also be able to catch thieves in the act. You can purchase specialist equipment and set it up yourself from electrical supply stores. Powerpoint Electrics is based in North Cheam in Surrey. They stock a variety of security products that can help protect your van

Pay Attention to How You Park

In addition to your surroundings, you should also pay attention to how you park. You can make a break-in more challenging by parking your van close to a static surface. For example, if you access your van via back doors, try parking close to a wall so that a potential thief can’t access the back of your vehicle. If they can’t get in easily, they will be less likely to try to break in at all.

Install a Dash Cam

A dash cam offers a driver an extra layer of protection in terms of road accidents. They can help you provide proof should you be involved in a collision. However, some dash cams can also carry on recording through the night. If a theft, or any other damage, occurs, you can give the footage to the police to help them find the culprits.

Choose a High-Quality Lock

One of the most fundamental ways to protect your vehicle is to choose the best, high-quality lock for your van. There are three main types of van locks to choose from: deadlocks, slam locks and hook locks. A deadlock is like a deadbolt fitting used in properties, and they offer an extra layer of security on top of the factory-installed lock on a van. They offer good overnight protection. A slam lock is ideal for those who get in and out of their van frequently, and for people who simply forget to lock their vehicles on occasion. Once your door slams shut, the slam lock mechanism activates, and your door automatically locks. A hook lock can withstand the force of a crowbar, which makes it great protection against petty theft. Investing in a quality lock can give you peace of mind when you’re away from your van.

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