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Tips For Getting Car Rental In A Budget

Do you become worried while watching outside from the window that someone is parking his/her car and realizing that we might need a car as well for our daily travel? If you do then you might don’t have to after reading this article. Nowadays traveling is our need and due to the harsh weather conditions and adverse conditions of our public transport, we prefer renting a car. Renting a car can save much of your time, money and energy if you keep some tips in your mind while signing a contract with any of the agency for car renting.

In this article, we are going to share some tips with you by considering which you can save much of you money and you might regret at last why you don’t find it previously.

1. Ignore insurance

While traveling you must have an insured car in order to save yourself from any of the inconvenience/ accident in future. But for this you don’t have to get pressurized to purchase insurance from your agency you can use the insurance facility that is provided to you by your bank along with your credit card. Try to use your own insurance.

2. Check the minor details of the car

This might seems weird but your need to check your rented car thoroughly before starting for the trip. Your car might have some damage or scratches previously for which you might get blamed in future and you also have to pay for those damages if you ignore this point before leaving for the trip.

3. Search the internet thoroughly

The well known sights on the internet charge you more just for being more famous in the public. But you don’t have to go for these agencies we have a middle way in it as well for you. Just search for the renting car services on internet and choose the site that is less known by the public. This agency will charge you less because of their lesser demand in the market.

4. Return the car with full of fuel

Many customers while renting a car prepay for the fuel charges but listen you don’t have to do it either. At the end of your trip before returning the car to the agency simply fill up the fuel tank and save some of your cost because these agencies charge your double the cost of fuel than its original price.

5. Keep accessories with yourself

As you are going for a trip either far away or for a short distance you might need some of the accessories with you. So instead of using your car’s accessories keeps these with yourself like you can use Google maps in your phones instead of using your car’s GPS, pay the toll taxes in cash on your own etc. Car repairing tool are very important. Always take extra new tire with you. Write down all the help line tool free numbers in your dairy so in any emergency situation you can inform nearest help line center.

6. Grab some discounts

If you are a consistent traveler then you can get advantage by this point as well. Try to avail some discounts of these agencies that are provided to the member only. So you can avail the membership of that agency and can enjoy a lot more facilities and discounts afterwards. Some kinds of coupon and discount cards are also provided to the members that can also save your money.

7. Book for some extra days

That is crucial part as we are aware of some uncertain situations arising at different places so in order to avoid some of the extra interest fee at the last, book for some days. Just keep in mind that for how many days do your need the car and add at least an extra day with it. If you got late then you don’t have to pay extra and if you return the car before time then you can avail some discounts in it as well.

8. Off season trips

You might have heard about the phrase more demand more price. In that case you need to know about the seasonal trips in which more people prefer to go out with their families for trips. During these days agencies make their charges higher than usual. If you don’t have any kind of specific date for the trip then choose any of the off season date and save some money in your wallet.

9. Always stick with one driver

Many car rental agencies charge you daily fee by adding extra driver. There are many ways to get rid of this fee. First try to choose a company that do not get driver’s fee on daily basis like Haririi rent a car. Some companies, such as Enterprise, waive the fee for an additional driver for a spouse or domestic partner, but you must both have the same address on your licenses. Others, such as National, waive the fee for spouses, domestic partners and immediate family members when you sign up for their membership program.


Planning a trip is most crucial because while this you have to make sure that you have selected all the important items that you might need on the trip. You also have to keep in mind your budget. Nowadays traveling on rental cars are very common but its costs a lot. These are all the tips above can save your lots of extra money and make your traveling more luxurious, comfortable and cheap. But we assure you that being our customer at Haririi you don’t have to worry at all about your vehicle. It will provide you with the best options and services while staying into your budget range. We have well trained and cooperative staff that will provide you all the necessary details and guidelines regarding your next trip and will make this experience memorable and special for you.

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