Non-Surgical Face Lift: Types and Benefits

Doctors have been performing face lifts for years. Surgical face lifts have a lot of disadvantages. Patients often end up with results such as jowls, wrinkling, or contours in odd places. Surgical face lifts also have a longer recovery time.

The introduction of a non-surgical face lift has helped a lot of people turn back the clock and help get a fresh and younger appearance without the hassle of going under the knife.

Non-invasive face lift treatments can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, give firm skin, and help the skin look youthful and young.

Types of Non-surgical Face Lift

Dermal Fillers:

Skin fillers are a well-known example of non-invasive face lifts. Fillers are injectable gels that can restore the face’s volume in areas like the cheek, the forehead, and the chin. The patient can see visible results within hours after getting fillers. The fillers can last from six months to one year.

Thread Lift:

Unlike a surgical procedure, a thread lift does not require a doctor to remove any saggy skin from the face. The doctor inserts fine threads on the sunken areas of the face, giving the face a noticeable lift. The threads often dissolve over time.

A thread lift can last from around six months to one year.

HIFU Technology:

HIFU Technology stands for High-intensity Focussed Ultrasound. It is an FDA-approved technology used to give a youthful appearance to the skin.

HIFU Technology uses ultrasound that results in firmer skin. HIFU can be used to reduce fat around the neck and the chin as well. It lasts for one year, and this procedure can be done annually. It has no recovery period.

Results achieved through a non-surgical procedure are visible and significant. Here are some of the benefits of a non-invasive face lift:

Benefits of Non-Surgical Face Lift

Negligible Cost:

Non-invasive surgeries cost a fraction of what surgical procedures cost. Since the results are the same, one can opt for a non-surgical face lift to save money.

Not Painful:

Non-surgical face procedures have minimum pain and discomfort throughout the procedure. There isn’t much pain even after the procedure. Therefore, compared to surgery, it is a less painful process.

Saves Time:

Surgical procedures require the patient to prepare early on. On the day of the surgery, they need to be under anesthetics and other medicines. All these can be saved by opting for a non-invasive procedure. Most non-invasive procedures are done within a couple of hours.

Negligible Downtime:

Surgeries can take a lot of time to heal. Aftercare of these procedures can also be a daunting process. However, non-invasive face procedures do not have a recovery time. And one can go on leading their normal as usual after the procedure.

Lesser Risks:

Most surgical procedures have risks associated with them. However, non-surgical procedures do not. It is safer and has minimal risks involved.


Caring about a surgical procedure can be a task. It can require special attention and expensive medicines. It is not the same case with non-surgical procedures. The discomfort is short-lived, and one does not need to provide special care to them.


To sum it up, non-invasive face lifts can help one achieve firm and youthful skin within a fraction of the cost. It helps save time and has minimal downtime. With all these benefits, it is no wonder that it is getting popular among people.

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