How to Grow your Eyelashes Overnight

Eyes are the first thing that many people notice about others. It has a significant impact on the other person. What adds to the beauty of eyes are the eyelashes. They add an aura to your overall personality.

By the prevailing standards, the longer the eyelashes, the more beautiful they are considered. This puts many people in the dilemma of how to grow eyelashes overnight. Below we explain in detail various remedies that you can adopt to make it happen.

Doing so will make you look more attractive wherever you go. You will feel more confident in your skin and would be able to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Artificial Extension

how to grow eyelashes overnight

If you are thinking of how to grow eyelashes overnight in the literal sense, this might be your only option. Artificial extensions can help you get longer lashes overnight. Although it will not be as good as natural ones, it may sometimes be the only available option.

One thing to take care of is the quality of these extensions. The market is flooded with substandard ones that might cause permanent damage or make you feel itchy. Some common problems that people using these usually report are allergies, injuries to the retina, and damaging the natural lashes. Avoid these at any cost.

Only buy the extensions made by well-known brands. Although the risk persists, it will significantly lower as compared to the substandard ones.

Apply Coconut Oil

longer lashes overnight

Coconut oil has been used for hair care for a very long time. It helps in the production of hair protein which induces growth. This property can also be used to answer the question of how to get longer eyelashes overnight.

The process of applying coconut oil is not as complicated as you might think. You just have to clean your lashes by washing your face with soap. After drying, take some cotton and dip it in the coconut oil. Apply this cotton on your eyelashes carefully so that they are not damaged. Let the oil dry for a few hours before washing.

Use Petroleum Jelly

how to grow eyelashes in 3 days

As weird as it may sound, petroleum jelly or vaseline is said to do wonders while solving the mystery of how to grow eyelashes in 3 days. Although there is no scientific evidence to back this claim, many people still recommend it.

For the petroleum jelly to do its wonders, you need to apply it using cotton on the lashes. It is desirable to apply them at night and wash them in the morning.

One justification for using this method is that vaseline is a moisturizer. It does not make the eyelashes grow larger. However, it makes it look dense and lengthy. Moreover, it also kills mites, preventing them from causing any damage.

Eyelash Growth Serum

how to grow eyelashes back in 2 days

Growth serums are chemical formulas that stimulate growth. There are several eyelash growth serums available in the market. A new serum is introduced every now and then. While most of them are not effective, some are found to work efficiently.

Latisse is the only growth serum that has been scientifically proven to work. It has not been found to thicken and stimulate growth but also answers the question of how to grow eyelashes back in 2 days by stimulating follicles that currently do not produce them.


The dilemma of how to make your eyelashes longer overnight in the literal senses might persist indefinitely. However, by following one of these tips, the process will be expedited, and you will be able to make use of it to add to your splendid beauty.

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