What Are The Different Ways To Vape Cannabis?

With the advent of numerous ways to consume cannabis, it can become increasingly challenging to choose vaping products. Moreover, walking into a bay city dispensary that offers a plethora of options without adequate knowledge can leave you indecisive.

When scientific researchers studied a group of 364 adults to understand their preferred mode of cannabis consumption, 53% opted for a vaporizer. Among these adults, 80% believed in vaping being a healthier alternative to smoking. On the other hand, 34.4% of adults claimed that vaporizers offer greater symptom relief.

The utilization of cannabis is rapidly increasing, specifically amongst the youth. However, concerns float around the safety of these products. In 2019, the FDA and CDC warned people against e-cigarettes containing THC, exclaiming that such products could possess harmful ingredients.

Here’s a list of the various ways to vape cannabis (CBD) you should know about as a pothead!

Various Ways to Vape Cannabis

Traditional cigarettes use a mechanism of burning leaves to create smoke. On the other hand, vaporizers adopt batteries and miniature metal coils to heat matter. Subsequently, the substance gets evaporated and is inhaled.

As a result, these devices are frequently referred to as vaporizers, vape pens and vapes. Nevertheless, not every device vaporizes in a similar manner.

There are essentially three forms of cannabis that you can come across during a discussion regarding vaporizers: oil, wax, and herb. Mentioned below are the different ways to vape cannabis.

Oil Pens

Rather than using dry herb with a vaporizer, adding an oil concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant to an oil pen is a great alternative. The CBD oil is often cut with other oils, such as hemp oil, during the oil extraction procedure. Consequently, the potency of cannabis oil typically is more than dry herb but less than wax.

First-time users usually resort to oil pens because they’re easy to operate and clean. You can choose a disposable oil pen, usable only once until the oil runs out. Also, you can go for a reusable vaporizer consisting of oil cartridge attachments that are available in a variety of strains and flavours.

Wax Pens

Wax is a semi-liquid/semi-solid substance retrieved from cannabis plants containing high concentrations of certain active compounds. As it’s not cut with other carrier oils during the extraction process, it’s much more potent than dry herb and oil.

Wax vaporizers or pens comprise three fundamental components: battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece.

You’re supposed to purchase the wax separately and fill the atomizer with it. Then, the atomizer heats and vaporizes it, allowing you to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Nonetheless, wax is relatively costly and requires frequent refilling, but it’s considered the most efficient form of therapeutic cannabis due to its potency.

Herb Vaporizers

Such vaporizers possess a section where dry cannabis flowers are added. Upon internal heating of the device, the active medicinal ingredients are generated in the form of a concentrated vapour.

Since the herb is heated to a precise temperature to prevent burning the leaves, the chances of inhaling tar or carcinogens are minimal. Furthermore, a few herb vaporizers contain temperature settings to calibrate the amount of vapour or flavour you inhale.


The above-mentioned ways of consuming cannabis are relatively healthier alternatives to smoking marijuana. Several cannabis enthusiasts claim that vaping dry herb exudes a milder smell and better flavour compared to smoking. A decent dry herb vaporizer costs around $200 and is available in any bay city dispensary you choose to visit.

Although expensive, this expenditure can be a wise investment for people who consume cannabis regularly!

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