How physiotherapy can save you time, money, and stress

Looking back, you can’t believe how stubborn and silly you were being. You knew the dangers of riding a scooter on the streets of Bangkok during rush hour. You thought you were saving yourself time and money, but you did exactly the opposite when you came off the bike in a minor collision.

Then, instead of taking the correct, timely course of action and taking time to recover, you went back to work within a couple of days and then caused more pain and injury when you hurt your lower back when trying to grab something off the shelves in the office.

Just why didn’t you take a little bit longer to recuperate after starting a course of physiotherapy once you knew that you had no broken bones. You got there in the end, but what a shambles.

The good news is that you now know the correct technique for lifting and stretching, and you have taken the sensible decision to travel by public transport and give yourself a little more time to get to work. At the same time allowing yourself the freedom to continue going to see the physiotherapist at a dedicated clinic with modern equipment, comfortable facilities, and expert therapists who pinpointed your problems immediately. There are several reasons why you should have done this in the first instant.

  • You were struggling to sleep following the incidents and no wonder, as your body didn’t know what was going on. Physiotherapy, as you now know, assists an improved sleeping pattern, which would allow the body to rest properly and lead to a speedier recovery.
  • It’s highly likely that you would not have had the back injury, as this could well have been caused by subconsciously protecting other parts that were suffering. An injury can also cause micro tears in your muscles, which revealed themselves as aches and pains in the days afterwards. Immediate treatment would have prevented further pain.
  • Probably the most obvious benefit from receiving massage and physiotherapy is that it alleviates pain, which would have been a smarter idea than taking painkillers. Once sorted a course of morning exercise might prevent further strains. It may even have assisted in your recovery time when following the advice of your therapist.
  • Your heart would have felt the benefit, as lactic acids would have been released which assists the supply of blood around the injured areas. Once the muscles have relaxed, they allow your most important organ to function properly once again.
  • It’s a certainty that your stress levels and mental health wellbeing would have benefitted much earlier. You were beating yourself up on realizing the folly of your ways, when you could have been putting into actions that would allow things to get back to normal quicker. Massage and physiotherapy naturally make you feel good so that you can perform at your optimum level. Another way of gaining a feel good factor is with a museum visit.

Don’t procrastinate in the future. Head to a professional physiotherapist and save time, money, and stress.

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