5 Basic Cares For the Male Face

Male vanity is no longer taboo. The demand for beauty products and treatments for men has been growing and is no longer just an aesthetic concern. Care, especially with the skin on the face, has become synonymous with health and well-being.

The work environment, daily stress, pollution, intense sun, dust, and other situations expose the face to all kinds of impurities. And men who are not in the habit of moisturizing and protecting their face from the sun can experience premature aging and even skin cancer.

Poor diet and sleep quality can also influence the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

1. Cleaning

For men who have never taken care of their facial skin, it is essential to clean and use sunscreen daily. “The first step is to sanitize the skin and then apply sunscreen”, he advises. The dermatologist also advises that the soap used in the bath should not be applied to the face. “Opt for a product with neutral pH and that is ideal for your skin type”, he recommends.

The professional explains that the body soap has a more specific formulation that can attack the face, causing dryness and increasing oiliness. “Put a tonic in your toilet bag to complete the hygiene. Use products with a gel formula, which is quickly absorbed”, he indicates.

2. Moisturizing

Moisturizing your face daily is essential, as male skin is usually oilier and thicker than that of women. “This combination of sweat, sun, and sloppiness is conducive to the appearance of prematurely aged skin”, he informs. It is noteworthy that the product must be suitable for the type of skin. “The factor 30 sunscreen is also mandatory, as it prevents the signs of premature aging and also protects against skin cancer”, he warns.

3. Care when shaving

For him, shaving daily can cause cracks and injuries, in addition to preventing the skin from breathing properly. “Shaving should be done after showering, as the skin is clean and with less risk of developing cracks and irritations,” he recommends. The specialist advises investing in lotions that soothe, heal and protect the skin. “When it comes to removing or trimming the hair, it’s good to have a shaving cream on hand to moisturize the skin and soften the hair, and then use an aftershave lotion”, he says.

4. Pay attention to the type of skin

For men with normal skin, using a bar soap specific for the face or with a neutral pH and applying sunscreen every day is enough. However, for those who have dry or oily skin, it is essential to use a specific product. “Men with oily skin should use a soap that helps control oiliness and wash their face twice a day with specific products for the region,” he explains.

5. Consult a Dermatologist

Choose cosmetics recommended by dermatologists and that meet the needs of each skin. For men who are over 25 years old and devote time in the day to facial skincare, it is worth including other items such as anti-aging creams, rejuvenating acids, and even fluids for the eye area. “These products should only be used with the express recommendation of a dermatologist”, he concludes.

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